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Glade Clean Linen Sense & Spray Motion-Activated Freshener, 0.43 Oz.


Glade clean linen sense & spray motion-activated freshener glade clean linen sense & spray motion-activated freshener detects when someone passes by and instantly releasing a burst of fragrance into the air. This strikingly sculpted holder's 360 degree design now has multiple sensors allowing it to be placed anywhere you need fragrance the most. Glade clean linen sense & spray motion-activated freshener: includes 1 spray unit, 1 refill (0.43 ounce) and 2 batteries effortlessly transform your home with your favorite fragrance

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Nice refreshing burst of smell


The motion activated burst of the clean linen fragrance really made a nice impression when walking by. The clean linen scent is refreshing and just leaves you feeling like you're walking into a room that had just been cleaned up. I like the motion activation as it gives everyone that enters the area a fresh burst of scent. The burst given off is just enough that it does not leave any wetness around and you don't get that feeling of inhaling the scent like you do with some. My daughter has asthma and did not have any irritations in her lungs like she has with some other sprays I have tried.

Defiance Ohio


Smart thinking


I have to admit, whoever invented the Glade Linen Sense and Spray was very smart and had to have had the bathroom in mind. My initial purchase was motivated by a cents off coupon but, my decision to not only become a regular customer but also a general spokesperson within my family and work environment was strictly out of an honest appreciation for this product. For me this product has become as much of a bathroom necessity as toilet paper. I think the scent is less powerful than aerosol spray cans but that is one of the main reasons I appreciate it so much. The scent lingers lightly and doesn't overpower my senses the was aerosol cans do. I like the fact that there's always a fresh scent in the bathroom no matter who has just come out. Nobody wants to smell anyone else's number two and, nobody wants to be embarrassed by leaving an awful scent behind. It offer assurances for both issues. I wish every restaurant in the U.S. would make these mandatory. It would be a good selling point for me anyway! I love the light airy scent of fresh linen and I just love the product all the way around.



Glade Clean Linen Sense & Spray Motion-Activated Freshener, 0.43 Oz.

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