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Glade Cashmere Woods spray

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Another reason to love Glade!


By far, this is now my ultimate favorite Glade scent. After using the spray in my home, much to the delight of everyone who smelled it, I went and bought the candles in the same scent. I have issues with some smells giving me headaches, not this one! It's unlike anything else. It's almost masculine in nature. Think the woods, your grandpa's aftershave, pumpkin pie, cloves, and that wonderful pipe tobacco all in one. It reminds me a lot of the way a cigar shop smells, the really nice ones. The scent lasts a long time too! That's not something that I can say about the "run of the mill" scents like vanilla or apple cinnamon, even the ones by glade (sorry Glade folks but it's true!). I can smell hints of this long after it's been sprayed. I've heard that this is seasonal (I hope not!) but so far I'm still finding it on the store shelves. I hope Glade incorporates this scent into the products they make for cars, scented oil plug ins, etc. I'm such a big fan, I'm considering emailing glade and letting them know too. Grab it while you can, it's really lovely.



Smells amazing!


I know it's crazy but I am addicted to this scent! When I found out it was a limited offer I bought a bunch of the refills for the plug ins and now I am out of them. I can't find them anywhere! I've even contacted Glade but to no avail...

Lynchburg, VA


Glade Cashmere Woods - I wish it was available all year


I like that every year SC Johnson Company comes out with their seasonal limited edition Glade products and every year I fall in love with some of the scents. In the fall/winter 2010 collection Casmere Woods is the one scent I wish was available all year. This scent is very elegant but also cozy and pleasant at the same time. The scents of amber and bergamot make my home smelling the way I like it. It is not overpowering but still noticable. I like to use it in my living room. I just spray it a few times whenever I feel like i need a boost of enjoyment. It is especially nice scent to have around on cold evenings to have a glass of wine with fireplace lit.  As for use in bathroom, it is not very good. It does not work very well on eliminating bad odors. I like the shape of the sprayer on this spray bottle, but I think the sprayer does not work very well. The spray is a little weak and needs some improvement.

Saint Augustine, FL


Glade Air Freshner Cashmere Woods opened the room


I am such a huge fan of anything that is made by Glade and when they released the Glade Cashmere woods air freshing spray it reminded me of why Glade is so wonderful.  The price was terrific for such a large can so purchase this item even with out a coupon was very affordable.  The can the air freshner came in is very cute and easy to hold.  My favorite thing is that the top does not leak.  I have tried several air freshners and the top where the spray comes out will leak but not this can!  The smell is fantastic.  It just smells so smooth and natural and not overpowering.  There is no coughing using the Cashmere Woods sent just taking in additional deep breaths so I can smell just how good it it.  The smell also does not just fade away, it "lingers" around for a long time which is great because a home with pets and children this is a big deal.  I have even sprayed it on my curtains and furniture before and it leaves a great smell on them with no staining or discoloring.  I love my Glade!

Gaston, SC


Glade Cashmere Woods: Wouldn't Buy Again


Since I started couponing several months ago, I've significantly expanded the # of products I buy to try.  One new product I recently bought is Glade "Cashmere Woods" spray, from a limited edition line of Fall Collection scents. I am glad that I paid so little for this product, but I wish that I had only purchased one can to start with.  I am not a fan of this air freshener for two reasons.  Number one, the smell is not the most pleasant.  There was one other scent in the Fall Collection that smells MUCH better than this one.  Of course, this reason is subjective.  The second reason I do not care for this air freshener is because it does not spray well.  Compared to the Febreze and Air Wick air fresheners we have at home, this one does not spray as well. It seems that the contents are so heavy that they IMMEDIATELY fall down where you spray them instead of wafting through the air disbursing scent.  I do not recommend this scent of the product. I recommend a different scent, but not in a room with a fan, as that seems to hasten the product's descent to the ground, once sprayed.

Houston, TX


Glade Cashmere Woods spray

4.2 5