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Glad Products
Glad Products Press 'N Seal Freezer Wrap

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Does not seal well, does not protect food in the freezer


I had bought one roll of this to try. It took us 1.5 year to finish it. That should tell you all you need to know, but just in case it doesn't, read on. The sheets are blue in color and thicker than the regular press and seal glad wraps according to Glad. When you pull them out of the roll, one side is sticky, gummy almost. Glad says it is because the sheet has micro hills and valleys, that cling to each other when pressed. ok, then why does the sheet stick to your fingers without any pressing? strange and gives me pause for the safety of my food in terms of what is on and in this sheet. they claim it has no BPA or pthalates, and moreover that when you press it hard the sheet will come together creating a seal. it is true that when you press it real hard one pc of sheet will stick to another pc, but an airtight seal it certainly does not make, nor does it make a seal tight enough to prevent foods in the freezer from absorbing odors or gettin freezer burn. so i'd rather just wrap my food in parchment paper, put in a zip bag, push air out, zip, fold and stow away. no odor, no burn, the parchment paper roll and the zip bags have multiple uses so you're not buying something just for one purpose. and the zip bags can be washed and reused. will not buy this product again.

Boston, MA


Glad Products Press 'N Seal Freezer Wrap

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