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Glad Gladware Containers With Interlocking Lids

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The 3 cup/24oz/708 ml. lids don't seal tight. Note, they use to!


For years I have bought and used with high quality results the Glad 3 cup 24 oz. 708 ml. plastic container for my lunches. But this morning I made my lunch and tried to pack it up and the lids on all the newley purchased package I opened would not seal and were too loose. This did not allow me to take my lunch today. I am very disapointed in this product today.

Granbury, TX


Containers are good to have around!!


I have had good luck with these containers. They are economical and I can send leftovers home to my grandsons and not worry about getting the containers back. These containers come in varying sizes and store well in the refrigerator and freezer. I like the fact that I can stack them in the refrigerator so I can utilize the extra space for other items. The only issue I ever had with one of these containers was that I sat one on the top of the stove.The cooktop was warm because I had just turned the oven off. Then do not stand up to that type of heat at all. I ruined the container but it taught me a lesson. I shouldn't have had any container on top of the stove. I do place them in the dishwasher, so they can tolerate that type of heat. (I don't use the drying cycle) They don't warp. Glad usually puts out good coupons for these containers, so they end up not costing much. I can recommend this highly versatile container.

SmallTown, TX


Cheap and Easy


I used to be a huge fan of the Tupperware and Rubbermaid perminant containers but after a while it seems they just get too discusting to use. Glad containers are significantly cheaper and seem to wear out about the time they get perminantly stained. The lid and dish stacking bit is also really useful that you can have a dozen or so in the cubboard and they take up very little room and if you loose a piece just wind up withe a spare lid or bowl on hand for the next time a piece breaks. The only real problem with these they tend to become rather brittle when frozen, I've had quite a number break or crack when emptying the contents after they've been in the freezer for a number of months. Also I've found that glad had started to make more variety of lid covers, this is an extra bonus since you say keep your raw meats in pink, vegtables in green and cooked meats in blue, that way you don't have to worry about contaminating your produce with ecoli if you don't clean the containers throughly enough.

Yakima, WA




With our family trying to help our economy and our planet, we started using these Gladware containers to storing foods, and especially for stopping using plastic bags, which is so bad for our environment and just pile up in our landfills, not to mention all the oil it takes to make them. We love them! They are easy to wash in the dishwasher, keep brownies & tender fruits & sandwiches from getting smashed in the lunch bags & stack & store so easily. They are inexpensive and really last too! The best thing was, I looked on the packaging and it is MADE IN THE USA!! Hooray! American jobs!

Mountlake Terrace, WA


Great for Lunches!


I shopped around a bit finding the best prices and sizes for transporting my food to work for lunch.  I had some coupons and the Gladware containers were on sale, so of course I bought them! I have found them convenient to use and they work well in a variety of environments: microwaves, refrigerators and freezers.  They are easy to store leftovers in, and bring to work the next day.  I have used them to hold all ranges of food types, from soup, fruit, salads, pasta, meat, etc.  I have been impressed with their durability and seal, and they have held up to several uses and washes. A few slightly negative comments I will add.  Due to the narrow edges around the seal, they can be a pain to wash.  Even if you have a reliable dishwasher, I find myself rewashing these to get the extras out of the small cracks.  And of course with any clear container, these do have a tendency to stain easily - especially when storing tomato sauces or pasta.  But overall, an excellent storage container at an inexpensive price.

Warren, MI


Not the best.


Ever see a commercial or a television show where a little kid knocks a plastic container out of the fridge, only to have the container stay sealed and not cause any mess?  Well, in my opinion, that container was not a Glad GladWare Container with Interlocking Lid.  My sister did just that.  Knocked one of these containers out of the fridge...not the freezer...but the fridge and the container broke.  Now how in the world a plastic container breaks, is beyond me, but it did.  I understand that these types of containers can become fragile when they have been frozen, but this one wasn't frozen.  It was just a normal cold and it broke.  Needless to say she didn't get to eat the sampling of Jello that I had brought her.  After that incident I decided that these containers would be put to better use holding craft supplies and stuff like.  Being used like that, they work just fine.  So these containers aren't completely useless, but I just won't use them to hold food anymore.

Potts Camp, MS


Glad Gladware Containers With Interlocking Lids

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