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Glad ForceFlex Drawstring Large Trash Bags

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Glad ForceFlex Drawstring Trash Bags


I used to buy the most inexpensive brands of garden trash bags, I figured as they were only going in the trash the quality didn't really matter. Since then, I have been converted, largely because of Glad ForceFlex. Clearly the products biggest attribute has to be the stretchable elements in the plastic. The box states that the bag is tear resistant guaranteed and I have put this to the test. Bearing in mind this is a garden bag and the fact that you'd probably be putting in leaves, grass clippings and the odd thin twig, I did manage to deliberately spike a hole in the bag. It wasn't that difficult. The picture on the box does suggest the stretchy bag can accomodate thin, bendy twigs. I would point out that apart from the one time I was deliberately trying to spike a hole, the bag has never split on me. This incident does not in the least prevent me from spending that little bit of extra money on trash bags and generally, whoever invented the stretchy-element of the product is a complete innovator. The bags really smell nice, which is good as rotting leaves and grass do not give off the most pleasant of odors. I'd definately recomment this product.




awesome bag


i have a lot of things to throw away that are pointy, like boxes, hangers, etc...the force flex let's me throw these away without worrying about the bag breaking. I also have a lot of cleaning and organizing that I do and the force flex lets me fill the bags up without worry..... I would definately recommend these bags to anyone who has a lot of things to fill up the bag with!


Dresher, PA


Awesome garbage bags


So one day I went to the store to pick up the trash bags that I normally get. Unfortunately the did not have what I normally use but they had the Clorox Glad ForceFlex Drawstring Trash Bags. I am a creature of habit and it is hard to get me to change my ways. However, I did not have a choice at the time because I really needed trash bags at home and had to get these. Let me tell you, I never looked back. These bags are ideal for anytype of trash that you could have out there. You literally feel like you could fill it and fill it and it just keeps expanding. It is a very strong and durable bag and could handle what you give it. I highly recommend this item for any household. You will not regret getting it just like I never regretted it.


Lake Villa, IL


I really like Clorox Glad forceflex drawstring trash bags!


I really like the Clorox Glad Forceflex drawstring bags. The 30 gallon size especially, as it really holds a lot. The drawstring closure it a defenite plus as well, because it helps to easily close the bag, and to keep it closed. I also like the drawstring closure, as I can use those to pull up the bag out of the trash can instead of touching the yucky trash. It doesn't hold as much as I thought it would, and can tear. However, it holds more than the cheap trash bags. The bad side is that they can be a bit expensive, and I also sometimes have a difficult time finding this version at the store. They are good for our family though. We use them sometimes when we can find them on sale, but also use other brands as well. I have not had them rip on me yet, although if I fill it too full it can stretch out a litle thin. Which makes me worry about it tearing. We just try not to overfill it. I would reccomend this to a friend or family member, although there are cheaper brands that work just as well.


Logan, UT


Glad ForceFlex bags are worth the extra!


We've all been there. You know. When your garbage gets a little too full, or you're trying to get rid of something just a little too big. I first tried ForceFlex bags very soon after they came out. I was tired of ripped bags causing kitty litter messes or spoiled food that couldn't be composted ending up on my floor. I was thrilled with the results. No 'oops' for the entire time that box of bags lasted, which meant less messes and less total bags used. The next time I went shopping, I thought I would try a 'similar' product from another company. They were cheaper, and they couldn't be that much different, right? WRONG. How they could even say comparable to ForceFlex bags is beyond me. They were awful, and we were thrilled when we finally used up the box. Glad ForceFlex bags are a little more expensive, and I'm a pretty cheap person. When we're nearing the end of a box of Glad ForceFlex bags, I take a quick trip to google and look for a coupon. I have yet to have a time where I wasn't able to find a coupon that brings the price down to very near, if not equal to the cheaper bags. We're able to get superior quality for cheap!


Snow Hill, MD


Only brand I buy anymore


I started using these about 3 years ago and I am so hooked. We have a family of five and considerable garbage. I have put many different types of things in these bags over the years. Hangers, glass, wet food, etc. Things I have had problems with with other bags. These bags have only leaked any liquid out once or twice in the years I have used them. Sharp objects can be put in and it holds strong. You can pack the trashcan down so when you pull the bag it is really heavy and the ties don"t break out of the top and it doesn"t rip down the sides. My son can drag the bag across the driveway when he is feeling lazy and it doesn"t break. While these are quite a bit more than other brands they are far surperior and well worth the extra cost to not have to worry about cleaning up the messes from ripped, broken or leaking bags. If you have a husband who hates to take the trash out and instead just keeps shoving it down until it is past when a normal bag would break trying to pull it out, then these are definately for you.


Athens, GA


Holds a lot of trash


These are some of the best garbage bags that I have used. I was not sure if these garbage bags would be as good as promised by their advertising.  However, after I tried them, they held true to what the commercials said.  They are very strong and extremely flexible.  They do not tear very often like some other plastic garbage bags, even though I tend to overfill garbage bags all the time.  Most other bags rip when I use them, because I do not like to send a bag out half empty.  And even when these bags are punctured, they rarely spill any of their contents.  They stretch to fit securely around my large garbage cans and can hold a lot of garbage.  I have been using them for a while now, and nothing has come along to beat them.  Buying the other brands that tear easliy (which is unsafe when you have anything sharp in the bag) or do not hold much garbage is a waste of money for my household.


Lexington, NC


These bags expand and expand!


I love these bags, I love these bags, I LOVE these bags!! I bought them once on sale, they are a tiny bit more than the ordinary glad bags, but I found the sale and thought I would try them , and they LITERALLY just keep expanding. The material they are made out of is sort of more rubbery feeling, and is way less easy to tear. ALl of those sharp little items that go straight through other bags, causing them to leak, don't tear these at all. I also love being able to cram all of the contents of the garbage around the house in the bag at the last minute before I take it out, and I can always count on these bags to hold whatever I throw in there. They are also great in the yard, as they hold sticks, leaves, yard junk or anything else you can think of. I actually used them to move, and threw TONS of my kids toys in there without ever worrying about dust or other junk getting in there. They are great to store clothes in as well!


Aurora, CO


Force flex bags are awesome


I love to use these garbage bags because they stretch so much!  It makes it so much easier to put a lot of stuff in the garbage at one time and since garbage bags are so expensive that is a HUGE draw for me.  I spend probably half as much on bags since I don't have to worry about taking them out to the garbage cans before they are too full to carry without ripping.  So many times before I started using these bags I ended up with garbage all over my kitchen or on the inside of my kitchen garbage can.  Then i would have to clean the floor, spray out the garbage can, and use a whole new bag to take out the trash.  This not only saves on bags it makes my life a whole lot easier in the process.  They cost more than value brand garbage bags but I think you end up saving money in the long run.  Plus, the convenience factor alone makes them worth the extra money in my book.  If you don't mind spending a little extra money initially then this is the garbage bag to buy!


Glendale, RI


great bag!


I have just recently started using Clorox Glad ForceFlex trash bags, and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. This bag is kind of big however, 30 gallons and it's too big for my kitchen trash can, which is the only trash can that I would need bag this big for. I have never had one bag break so this is pretty strong. This doesn't have the good smell that some brands come with so make sure you don't put anything in there that would go bad! which I tend to do because I keep thinking this bag won't break so I can fill up more trash. This bag also streches, giving you that little big of room. I assume that's one of the reason it doesn't break. I would definitely recommend this bag, if you have use for something this big, maybe for garage trash can. If you just want it for small trash can, I believe Clorox has smaller bags, but I haven't treid them yet. I got this in my local meijer, I'm sure you can find it else where.


Adams, NY


Glad ForceFlex Drawstring Large Trash Bags

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