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Eau De Parfum
Givenchy Amarige

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Makes me feel beautiful


I love this cologne.  It has a nice sophisticated scent.  It makes me feel elegant when I put it on.  It is a bit pricy, so I only wear it on special nights out - but it makes those nights out even more special.  I like that the scent lasts a really long time.  I spray it on my wrists and on my neck.  The next morning, after a night on the town, and I'm still in bed - I can still smell it on my wrists.  Makes me have fond memories of my night out! I've used the Amarige lotion and bath gel, but think they are over priced.  The lotion makes my skin feel sort of sticky, and the scent of the bath gel isn't quite the same as the cologne and doesn't last very long, or even scent my skin very much at all. I've tried other colognes, but this one will always be special to me.  Smells great on my skin, and really does make me feel special.  Even though it's a bit pricy, I'll still keep using it!  Hope you try it!


Chester, SC


Amarige never disappoints


My husband picked this perfume out for me 10 years ago and I have been wearing it as my signature fragrance ever since.  I work in a hospital and I have to be careful about how strong of a scent I wear.  I haven't ever gotten a negative response while wearing this.   I only apply it to my pulse points and it lasts the whole 16 hour shift.


Oakwood, GA


This frangrance is the worst I've ever smelled


I admit, I love frangrances.  I have at least a dozen that I alternately wear.  I was first exposed to Amarige about 18 years ago, by our next door neighbor. She had been playing with my dog, and the dog came home reeking like the neighbor's perfume.  I had to immediately wash the dog!  My next unfortunate experience with this fragrance was while I was in labor with my 2nd child.  The OB nurse was wearing it, and it made both me and my husband nauseous.  We politely asked her to leave and not come back because of the horrible stench.  I would not recommend this fragrance to ANYONE.  EVER. 


Leander, TX


Complex, floral with a hint of rich sweetness


"Amarige" by Givenchy is my favorite perfume.  It has a rich scent with the perfect balance of serious sweetness with a light floral scent to keep it from being too much.  I am very picky about my fragrances and I do not enjoy an overpowering sweet smell or too much floral, either.  This perfume lasts, is well worth the money, and is a great all-around fragrance for work or play.  It's very distinctive scent has become my trademark aroma, and it wears extremely well, mellowing over time to a comfortable, soft smell. Although it is definitely sweet, it is not overpowering, and a little goes a long way, saving perfume and money.   The bottle is partially frosted and very lovely, crystal with a shaped top.   It is as pretty to look at as to wear, and is reasonably priced.  I recently replaced my first bottle, which had lasted for years, and was pleasantly surprised at the affordable cost.  It is easy to find at WalMart, too.


Birmingham, AL


nice scent


Givenchy fragrances are my favorite! I have always been a fan of the Givenchy fragrance line. Amarige comes in attractive red box with a nice design around the edge. It is average-priced  and well worth the money. It easily obtainable. I have purchased it at a variety of department stores as well as beauty specialty stores like Sephora. The bottle has an elegant design that adds class to any woman's dressing table. The scent is sweetly seductive and is bound to turn heads. The scent is subtle. It is not overpowering. It does not smell too strongly of alcohol. It does not have that "cheap" scent to it at all but rather a refined and sophisticated scent.It is great to wear for a variety of occasions.. anything from sitting at home with family for a nice and relaxing meal to cheering on your favorite team while watching football or a night out on the town with that special someone or a hectic day at the office.


Lancaster, NY


Amarige is amazing


If you like a stronger scented perfume, I highly recommend Amarige by Givenchy. You don't have to use much of this perfume & yet the smell lasts all day. It never fails when I wear this perfume that someone doesn't compliment me on it or ask what fragrance I am wearing.


Covington, GA


Givenchy Amarige

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