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Conditioner for Curly Hair
Giovanni Direct Leave In Conditioner

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Neat square shaped bottle!


I like the Giovanni Direct Leave In Conditioner. It seems to really help my hair when it is dry, like when I have been swimming in chlorinated swimming pools all summer and my hair tries to shrivel up and blow away in the wind. The Giovanni conditioner seems to really help bring back the moisture and makes my hair manageable again. I also like it in the winter time when the radiators make my house air all dry and my hair flies all over the place, then again the Giovanni conditioner seems to really help settle my hair down and make it behave like it should. The scent is okay, I wish it were less but that is how I feel about most beauty products. I don't like very much scent following me around all day. So the Giovanni conditioner rates about average for scent. I wouldn't say that it was way too much but it is not as scent free as I would like. I love the new bottle that Giovanni designed for their hair care line, it has this cool square shape that it really unique.


Amherst, MA


Great leave-in conditioner and its natural


You would never know Giovanni's Direct Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner was by an eco-friendly company. When I first spotted the bottle at my Whole Foods, I thought there was a mix-up. It looks like a normal high-end salon bottle. Yes, stupid to judge a conditioner by the way it looks but it didn't look natural. I bought it and started using it. Now my hair is long, straight, and fine-whenever I buy leave-in conditioners I worry that they will weigh my hair down. However because my hair is so long, has been high-lighted every six weeks, and gets blown-out constantly I also need lots of conditioning. I have been so happy with this leave-in conditioner. It is light but still conditions. It doesn't end up weighing hair down. I, of course, also like that it has no parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate or animal by-products. It's nice that you can find a salon-quality product that is natural.


Marlton, NJ


Giovanni Direct Leave In Conditioner is perfect for frizzy hair!


I have naturally wavy, frizzy hair that I can only tame when I use this product. I have been without it for a couple of days now (just ordered a new bottle from Amazon yesterday) and I can tell a HUGE difference! What I like about this leave-in conditioner is that it is not sticky, smelly, and it will not make your hair brittle. It is not alcohol-based so your hair will not dry out either. I love that it goes on so smoothly. It smoothes out all my fly-away's and frizzies that I have on the top of my head. It also helps disquise my split ends I have been meaning to get cut for nearly 6 months now. I don't use it with other Giovanni products as they can be rather expensive, but I will spend my money on this. I have used Herbal Essences None of Your Frizziness which is similar to this, and while it worked for a while on me, I noticed that compared to this product it worked leaps and bounds better.


Mill Valley, CA


great product


i have been needing a conditioner for my daughter's curly hair.  she hates getting her hair combed, so i have been told to use leave in conditioner.  this works wonders on her very curly hair.  it is hard to get tangles out of a four year old's hair!  but this smooth conditioner i use when i need to comb her hair and she doesn't mind, cry, or complain.  it works wonders.  it is great to use on the go, such as after a day at the beach.  i put it in her hair, comb it through, and then i leave it in her hair until the next bath.  i wash it out, and then apply it again, if i need to comb her hair.  her hair dries, and the styled curls are kept in place by the conditioner and it looks so nice.  i think she has a lifetime ahead of her in using leave in conditioner, because her hair is fine and yet very curly.  it keeps a nice style, and eases up on the maintenance of her hair.  i would recommend this.


Nyack, NY


smooth and silky for my daughter


I have a three year old daughter with very curly hair.  It is hard to get tangles out so I've tried this conditioner of my wife's and put it in my daughter's hair after her bath.  It works great to not have to rinse it out.  i leave it in until her next bath.  it makes it easy, much easier, to get the tough tangles out.  she is old enough now that it doesn't matter it's not tear free.  i carefully cream up the back of her hair and then comb her hair through all the way.  it makes her hair knot free. i've tried other conditioners from cheap to expensive, but this one i am able to get in a large size at my shopper club so it works out for a good deal.  i don't use it every day but i use it often.  i use it every time i need to comb her hair.  it is good to be budget conscious, as these days no one can afford to spend a lot on hair conditioner.  my daughter needs something to smooth out her hair and make it easier to comb.


Valley Cottage, NY


Giovanni Leave In Conditioner makes my hair look awesome.


I have used Giovanni Direct Leave In Conditioner for years, during which time I have had both very long, and extremely short hair. A little really does go a long way with this product. When I get out of the shower I pat my hair with a towel to remove the excess water, then rub a tiny dot of the conditioner between my hands and rub it into my hair. From there, I can add my normal gel and style it, or, if I'm showering before bed, I just let my hair dry naturally without using any additional products. In the morning, I wet, then style my hair as usual. The conditioner makes my hair shiny, soft, and manageable, but never greasy. If I apply too much, I can simply rinse my hair and the excess is easily removed. In terms of cost, this product can be a little more pricey than regular drugstore brands, but considering how long it lasts (I've had my current bottle for 3 years and it's not even half empty) I consider it a bargain.


Voorhees, NJ


soft and shiny


being a guy (and a bachelor to boot) i always thought it was silly to waste money on a hair conditioner. i use to think that shampoo was all i needed. unfortunately as i get older, among other things my skin losses moisture easier. it was especially noticable when it got real cold. i began to develope a persistant scalp itch. after trying some over the counter medicine a friend suggested i start using a conditioner. lo and behold after using giovanni hair care direct leave in hair conditioner 8.5oz. the itch is gone. it's a great conditioner. try it, you'll like it!


Hayward, CA


leave it in after shampooing its wonderful, makes hair managable


After spending time and money on conditioners, a hair dresser from vidal sasoon told me the trick to conditioners, "Dont rinse them out" leave a quarter size of the conditioner of choice, not rinsing it, which I thought would leave it greasy or gooey and it does nothing like that at all. I tried this trick and its the greatest thing I could have done, its as simple as that, now you try it, its auesome and leaves your dry, brittle hair, soft, silken and very managable.


Carson City, NV


great hair giovanni


this conditoner is on eof the best products iv eever tried. i used it for the first time 7 days ago, and my hair feels as graeat as it did when i was a child. iv eput my hair thru it all bleach, color, blowdryin, perms, straitening and it always feel so damaged haircut after cut. it will mqke you hais as smooth as silk,soft and luxrious. you will feel like a movie star. im on a budget but this product is definetly worth every penny that is pent on it, possibly more. i would spend more if ii had to to buy this amazing hair conditioneri will buy this all the time, cant wait to tyr the other products made by this graet company.im a hair person so you know what that means my hair is everthing. if my hair looks bad, in turn i look bad, and this always makes me happy and my hair always lookss like i just came from fantasic sams, but i didnt i came from my bathroom. all i can say is try it and u will like it.


Tampa, FL


I love this shampoo and the way it feels


I absoloutely love giovanni tea tree shampoo. It was given to me. It really lasts a long time, you don't need alot to wash your hair. It lathers up well. Not only does it smell good, feels fresh and good but leaves your hair noticibly shinier and healthier looking. The only drawback to the shampoo is the price. It is pricier than some other shampoos and  I would buy more often if the price was a little lower. The shampoo does really last a long time surprisingly because of how little you need. It really does lather up well and alot so a little goes a long way.


Lafayette, LA


Giovanni Direct Leave In Conditioner

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