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Giorgio Armani
Giorgio Armani Designer Shaping Cream Foundation SPF20

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Thinking About Botox????


Giorgio Armani Shaping Cream Foundation SPF20 is the best makeup I have every purchased, pricey, but good.  I was wearing another brand of makeup for a few days (I guess we won't mention the name) and thought it looked pretty good according to my bathroom mirror, since it covered nicely.  But while shopping with my youngest daughter in a brightly lit makeup store on my 59th birthday, I was mortified when I looked in the mirror - I could see all my lines and wrinkles so vividly; I looked like an old woman.  My daughter who loves Giorgio Armani wanted to pick up something so she said let's go to Bloomingdales.  To keep a long story short, the makeup artist at Bloomies gave me a mini makeover & very nicely told me that I had beautiful skin and the makeup I was using made me look way older than my age.  My daughter agreed.  He then applied Giorgio Armani shaping Cream Foundation SPF20 and the difference was amazing.  It was light, but covered nicely, and did not highlight my lines and wrinkles at all.  Thank you Giorgio and the great makup artist at Bloomies.

Brooklyn, NY


Giorgio Armani Designer Shaping Cream Foundation SPF20

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