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Ginsey Spongebob Squarepants Folding Potty Seat

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Making Potty Training A Little Less Hectic


One of the pitfalls of potty training is taking kids out for the day; accidents can happen and some kids feel horrible when it happens. Having gone through this with four boys and one girl, I really wish that something like this was available when they were younger. The folding potty seat doesn't take up a lot of space nor is it hard to get open or get closed; if you are heading in to the first or second stages of potty training I suggest getting one of these. The folding potty seat is ingenious and eliminates the need for kids to 'hang on for dear life' when they are using a regular toilet. I wouldn't suggest this for home use because that's when you need something that's padded and something that they feel comfortable using. However, if you spend a lot of time out of the house then getting one of these is worth the price. One of the boys that I baby sit always asked me, "Do we have SpongeBob with us?" when we would be packing up to leave for the library or mall. He was referring to the folding potty seat. This closes up quickly and if you need to clean it or wash it you can do it in the sink; when it is open and ready for use it doesn't feel cheap or like it isn't going to be able to support their weight. His mother let him pick this out when he said he hated "being wet" from diapers or the pull-up styled underwear. We've used this in the public bathrooms at the mall as well as at the zoo and museum. It wasn't something that we used every time we went out but I know that it made him feel a lot better when it was in the bag with the other kid-related things.



Ginsey Spongebob Squarepants Folding Potty Seat

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