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Ginsey Disney Fairies Folding Potty Seat

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Nice for travel, but not very sturdy


The Ginsey Disney Fairies Folding Potty Seat was a life saver when we first started potty training. We started when my daughter had just turned two so she was still pretty small to be sitting directly on a toilet. She fell in once in a food court bathroom which is quite possibly one of the grossest bathrooms to fall in at. So I went on the hunt to find a trael potty seat that was easily portable. It is nice that it can fold up and be put in the diaper bag for travel. It wasn't very expensive so it was okay that we really only used it for the first few months of potty training. Now she is a pro and does not need it anymore. It comes with a carrying case for storage. My only complaint is that it is not very sturdy. You have to hold on to both sides of it or else your child will fall into the water. We learned that the hard way a couple of times. That is not what I want happening when we are out and about.




Perfect for potty training toddlers


This relatively cheap potty seat is a must have for the potty training toddler. You find out soon enough that public restrooms are not potty training friendly - those seats are way too big for little bottoms! This seat is easy to wipe down and folds up to about the size of a diaper to make transport simple. It unfolds and fits over any public potty to make it toddler sized. My only complaint with it is that it's a little flimsy, and shifts a little too quick, so you really need to watch that it's in place before your toddler hops up! But for the price - you can't beat the convenience. And it makes potty training in public so much easier. After all if your toddler falls in a public toilet, finding a public shower to scrub them down doesn't have a lot of appeal! And Disney does make multiple designs - including for boys, so your not stuck with the princess seat for your little prince.




Love hate relationship for my daughter and this seat


Overall, I would recommend this for little ones just starting to potty train. Going in public can be scary, and this gave my daughter a sense of knowing what was coming when it came to how big potties are in public bathrooms. It helped her be able to sit on the seat when she was first Potty training. We no longer use it, she has learned to squat on the potty with out it and without falling in. But, I do believe this potty helped her not fall in the toilet many times! The only issue is, as the parent, you really have to watch closely, because the seat can collapse, it happened to us only a handful of times, but it can happen. Also nice to fold up, and know your child isn't sitting directly on a public toilet!


Crocker, MO


Not the greatest


I bought one of these for my son but only it was elmo. He didnt like it and it didn't fit on the toliet very good. When he did sit on it would pinch his bottom and one time even calapsed on him while using it.


Davison, MI


1 child loved - 1 child hated


The idea of putting my child on a supermarket toilet grossed me out so we bought this for on the go pottying.  Dear daughter #1 used it regularly.  We often used it at home, but definitely always tried to take it with us when we went out running errands.  I put it in a ziploc and carried it in her diaper bag everywhere!  It folds up pretty small and is easy to carry around since it's not to heavy.  The plastic is also very easy to clean.  We got alot of use with this potty seat for dear daughter #1. Dear daughter #2 is a different story... We put it on our potty at home a few times to keep her from having to balance so much (she's so little).  However, she pinched herself the tiniest bit in it the second time she sat on it and she's refused to sit on it ever since.  So, there's your negative.  It can pinch little tushies!  My child was probably moving all over the place when it pinched her, but that's kind of the norm for 2 year olds, right?? I'm still glad we had it for dear daughter #1.


Robertsdale, AL


Ginsey Disney Fairies Folding Potty Seat

3.4 5