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Gino's East of Chicago
Gino's East of Chicago Sausage & Pepperoni Golden Crispy Thin Crust Pizza

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Gino's East Frozen Thin Crust Pizza-Total Yum!


Without a doubt, Gino's East here in Chicago is one of the best places to go for a deep dish pizza. I've even taken them on dry ice to other cities when I travel to share as the consumate Chicago pizza experience. Then there came the grocery store version of their deep dish pizza. Very good. More recently, though, I discovered they also had a thin crust version of their pizza in the frozen section of my grocery store. Mind you, I'd never ordered thin crust at the restaurant. How can you look at that gooey thick cheese and those sausage slabs on the deep dish pizza and then go for a thin crust? But I noticed the Gino's East thin crust frozen pizza for the first time on my last shopping trip and seeing as it was on sale, I decided to give it a try. I didn't think Gino's could possibly make anything that did not taste great, but I had to see for myself. Wow, all I can say is if you like a super thin crispy pizza crust plus delicious flavors on top, this is your pie! It says to just throw it on the oven rack but I use a pizza pan with holes in it to save some clean up. It baked up perfect at the time stated whereas usually my oven requires I leave frozen pizzas in longer. This crust is so crispy it stays rigid as you bring it to your mouth for the first bite. The cheese and meat all have an awesome flavor, too. If you want a unique frozen pizza experience, give Gino's East Golden Crispy Thin Crust pizza a try. [sorry for the wrinkly pizza image; I'd was ready to toss the packaging and then thought to write a review]

Summit, IL


Gino's East of Chicago Sausage & Pepperoni Golden Crispy Thin Crust Pizza

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