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Ginny's Deep Fryer

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I love Ginny, but not this fryer


I like the baskets that come with Ginny's Deep Fryer, but not the fryer itself. It's a reasonable sized container with about 4 qt that you can work from. The temperature can reach to a max of 375*F which is standard for most fryers. The body itself is stainless steal, so that's a major plus. The items are dishwasher friendly and safe except the heating element that can be removed. It's a bit pricey for the functioning that you get with the machine. The instructions were lackluster and there were instructions on how to assemble the product correctly. The heating element sometimes gets too hot for comfort that it can also damage to a wooden counter. The lid does not fit properly once you have the baskets in the fryer, so I ask you, what is the purpose of the lid if it can't prevent splattering once you are cooking? Quality is not worth the price that you have paid for. The power supply does not seem to be attached correctly in the overall unit as you have to play with the cord to make sure that you get the power on correctly, which is annoying because there is no sense of reliability.



The only thing I got out of the Ginny's Deep Fryer is the basket


This fryer was a huge disappointment. Thankfully, I didn't buy it. Well, I went out and bought all the oil, ingredients, and got together a nice fish and chips meal. When I was frying the chips, I needed to put them in at a high temp and then reduce the temp for the last half of cooking, I went to adjust the temp and it just kind of stopped working. The temp never rose even when I tried to reset the whole thing (unplug and plug). Pretty much, just broke. I checked the temp and seemed to be stuck at 200 degrees. It was a huge bummer because I bought and prepared everything and that fish and beer batter wasn't cheap (like the fryer). It was a huge disappointment. So, thankfully I just poured the oil into a deep pot and onto the stove it went. I was able to at least use the basket for that too. In the end I was able to save my meal with minutes to spare before the hubby had to head out to school. No thanks to this fryer.

Sacramento, CA


Ginny's Deep Fryer

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