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Gillette Venus Sensitive Skin Razor

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After slathering my voluptuous body with shaving lotion, I use a Gillette Venus Sensitive Disposable Razor for Women with Sensitive Skin to safely remove hair from my: toes; tops of feet; calves; thighs; privates; and forearms. With the help of soap and water, these razors also work well for removing my facial hair, specifically: peach fuzz; and upper lip. If you don't press too firmly and use a shaving lotion or shaving cream, Gillette Venus Sensitive Disposable Razors for Women with Sensitive Skin safely remove hair without knicks or cuts. I highly recommend them.


Binghamton, NY


A shave above the rest


I have very sensitive skin and this is the one product i can use that does not give me a rash are cause my skin to get irritated. I would recommend it to anybody who has problems with their legs. It is a very comfortable shave no pain involved.


Goose Creek, SC


gillette venus sensitive skin razor works nice


I've tried many different razors. I even have scars from some, from first time usage. With this venus razor i only cut myself once or twice and that was becuase of a dull blade. The blades last a while though and always left my legs feeling nice and smooth. My boyfriend would say how nice my legs felt. I've boughten cheaper razors and they didn't work as well. So as far as price i guess its worth it, not cutting yourself. I like how the razor feels in my hands, it is easy to handle and use. You get 3 in the pack so thats nice too, intead of buy one exepnsive one that does the same job in my opinion. I like how it glides, and i don't use shaving creme, so to me it works fine with jus soap and water or conditinor. The thing I didn't like is that it isnt the changable heads. So after you are done with it, you have to trow it out. That part made me feel it was too exepensive. Overall its a good razor.


Bridgewater, NJ


Venus Sensitive Razors are great!


After many years of using the same razors, the manufacturer stopped making my product.  So I had to find a new razor!  Fun huh?  Well lucky for me the hunt was short as I hit upon Venus sensitive razors.  I have super sensitive skin and many razors leave me painfully red as I have an allergic reaction to the metal in the blade or the so called moisturizing strips.  I am happy to report that I did not have any adverse reactions to this razor.  That is half the battle.  The other half is finding a razor that does a good job of leaving your legs smooth and this razor does just that.  You really do only need one stroke to get all the hairs in one pass.  It provides a close shave and I did not cut or nick myself.  The handle is also very comfortable to hold and has a non-slip grip so that you won't slip with it in the shower which also helps in not cutting yourself.  I would highly recommend this razor for those with sensitive skin.


Thousand Oaks, CA


Best value!


Gillette Venus Sensitive Skin Disposable Razors are definitely my choice when it comes to an outstanding product.  These disposable razors performed way beyond my expectations for any disposable razor.  The Gillette Venus Sensitive Skin Disposable Razor is easy on my legs, and does not cause me to have any shaving rash or bumps whatsoever!  They even work great for the bikini area, without causing sensitive skin to itch or burn.  The razors last a long time before needing to throw away and replace.  They are safe enough for my 13 year old daughter to use without nicks and cuts.  The price of the Gillette Venus Sensitive Skin Disposable Razors are very reasonable, and they come in multipacks, which is great when there are more than one woman in the house!  I would recommend these disposable razors to anyone, especially if you have sensitive skin or have ever had problems with nicks, cuts, or razorburn before.


Glasgow, KY


Gillette Venus Sensitive Skin Razor

4.4 5