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Gillette Venus Disposable Razor

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Works great, but refills are expensive.


This shaver is great and works amazingly. It leaves my legs smooth and touchably soft. I never feel self conscious about my legs like it didn't get all my hair so I don't have to shave as often. It leaves room to worry about other things. I really like how it moves over my skin smoothly without stopping or nicking my skin. The razor itself it easy to hold and keep a hold of and gives me good leverage while shaving. I never have razor burn or nicks on my legs and they always feel moisturized. The moisturizing bars make it so I can use less shaving cream and so that the razor glides over my skin. The bars last pretty long, about the same amount of time as the blades do so I never have a razor without the bars or have to throw away the razor with some of the moisturizing bar still on it. The bar smells great and never leaves a residue on my legs, but sometimes it can get a little messy in the shower. The one major downside is that the refills for the blades are crazy expensive so use every last minute that you can. Overall this razor is great and my personal favorite.




Smooth and silky!


"Wow" these razors are awesome! I'm not one to rave about a product, but these have left my skin smooth and silky feeling. I've never been one to bother with shaving creams. I prefer to lather with soap and then simply shave. I used the same method with these Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razors and it worked like a charm. No nicks or cuts, even over my boney knees! The gel bars seem to act like a cushion for these areas, while still allowing the blade to completely do its job. I haven't tried the razors without lathering first with soap, so I can't personally attest as to how well the "built-in shave gel bars" work with only water. The package also advertised that the razors had the scent of white tea. Usually I have a hyper sense of smell, but in this case, I really didn't notice any particular scent. These razors are a little more expensive, but are worth the price. Watch for coupons, as I'm sure I used one to purchase this product.


Columbiaville, MI


smooth reliable results


I really liked these razors. I'm generally not a disposeable kinda girl, but I decided to try these, and I must say...not too shabby. They give a smooth reliable result everytime, without many nicks and cuts. They are also pretty cute next to my hubby's razor in the shower. :)


Fresno, CA


Gillette makes very affordable products


If you match up coupons with sales you can get these at a very affordable price. I love to stock my overnight bag with these and use them on trips overseas. My mother even used them once and stated they were pretty good for disposable (she still uses an electric one).


Jacksonville, AR


The Gillette Venus Disposable Razor is Great!


The Gillette Venus Disposable Razor is the one razor I found as a mother of a young child is very quick and easy to use. Being a single mom, I have no extra time to take a long relaxing bath so this razor comes in handy as I am always on the go!


California, MO


best razor ever!!


all my life i have used the cheap disposable razors. that's just what my parents bought me. so that's what i ended up buying. The other day my fiance came home with one of these Venus razors for me and at first, i told him he wasted his money, but he wouldnt take it back. so, i used it. and LET ME TELL YOU this was WELL worth the money!! i loved how the head swivled around. it worked perfectly on my knees, which always cuts and makes me bleed. but not this time! not with this razor. i havent cut myself once yet. i like that it has 3 blades when my old razor only had 2. and it really feels like it gives me a much much closer shave than my other razor. The handle is very comfortable, and of course, my favorite part about it, it is pink!! yay! pink is my favorite color so that just adds the icing to the cake. i dont *think* there is a mousture strip, but it does have these holey rubbery strips above and below (i think) the razors so im not sure if those are considered moisture strips or not. i have already used this razor 5 times and it still works just as good as it did the first time i used it. i think the quality is great for the price. i normally wouldnt spend that much on a razor, but it was well worth the money! thank you Venus!


Tamaqua, PA


Gillette venus Disposable Razor


I like the color and design of the razors. They give a very close shave at a reasonale cost without nicking or cutting my skin. Since they are disposable it is easy to stash and go anywhere with them and then buy more when needed because the cost is quite reasonable.


Burlington, NC


Gillette Venus Razors give close shaves without the cuts!


Gillette Venus Disposable Razors are completely practical and work like a charm.  I have had more expensive razors over the years, but these razors are my overall favorite.  The handle fits my hand perfectly which gives me more control.  I am less likely to cut and scrap my knees and ankles when I use these razors.  The moisture strip and mutliple blades provide a smooth and close finish.  They also come in a variety of colors which is great when you have a beach trip with the girls or have multiple girls using the same shower at home.  If everyone picks a different color, there is no way to get them confused with one another.  I have always been satisfied with the way these razors cut, especially considering they are disposables.  In some cases, these may seem overly expensive for disposables, but they work great and last for adequate amounts of time.  If paired with a moisturizing shaving cream, they can even be used after the moisture strip is used up and has turned white.


Robbins, NC


Good but not Amazing


Gilllette Venus Pink Disposable razors will give you a close shave and there pink (who dosent love that) beyond that I dont know that there is alot to it to make it special. I personally prefer disposable razors because in my experince the regular refil cartridges are almost as much as a new razor which typically comes with a few refils so why waste your money just buy disposables cause they really work just as welll. This will give you a close shave but I really didnt notice that my legs were smoother or softer after shaving which I have seen in some products I have used in the past. I originally bought these when I got a great sale but I would say unless you hit an amazing deal I wouldnt pay full price because you probably can get a better razor at the same price or cheaper. It does have a nice structure to it that allows for a firm grip in water. I do feel like the gel strips run out pretty quickly but to be completly honest I really havent found a razor that has a great gel stip so just keep that in mind.


Wichita, KS


Venus Disposable Razor is great for sensitive skin


Each year for Christmas my husband puts a couple practical items in my stocking. This past year he put Gillette Venus Disposable Razors my stocking. I was a bit nervous to use them at first since I have very sensitive skin and I have never used a disposable razor that didn't give me horrible razor burn. I was so pleasantly surprised by Venus Disposable Razors! I didn't have any nicks or cuts and NO razor burn! I did use shaving gel along with the razor for extra protection, but the razor preformed so well I bet I could have just used soap. The shave was so close, I would easliy compare it to my "original" Venus Embrace razor. I just love them. I was able to get 4 to 5 uses out of each razor. I feel the value is great. I really enjoy the comfortable design and the grip on the razor. Also the feminine colors are lovely. The moisture strip is also a great touch for a disposable razor. Great job Gillette! I love my Venus disposable razors!


Springvale, ME


Gillette Venus Disposable Razor

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