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Gillette Titanium Razor

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Gillette Titanium lasts forever!


I purchased the Gillete Titanium for my husband originally. Soon after, I "stole" it! I had to purchase a second so my husband would actually have one to keep. One thing I love about his razor is that it does not rust! I have had to throw out many razors due to them rusting in the shower! This one does not do that! It takes a long time to dull down also. The cartridges are reasonable also. I can usually find a coupon for them also! This is the most affordable razor I have ever purchased. The original price was low due to a Sunday Morning Newspaper coupon, I don't have to replace blades as offten and the refills are not very expensive. My husband loves it also for the sideburn blade on the back side of the razor. I didn't even know it was there until I saw him use it! He says that the blades don't even dull quickly on his beard. The Gillete Titanium has been our preferred razor for the past few years. We don't have any desire to try anything different.

Sachse, TX


Gillette Titanium Razor

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