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Gillette Sensor Razor

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oldie but goodie


My partner is very picky about what products he uses. Especially when it comes to his face. He is Greek and has very thick black facial hair. When there is stubble on his face it hurts me. He says any other razor doesn't give him the close shave that the Gillette Sensor does. After he shaves it feels nice and smooth. My face appreciates it, too.




Make sure you lather well with gillet sensor


I used this brand because it is very helpful with my dry skin.  The only thing I would have to say badly about this product is the fact that you must warm your face first with a hot towel and then apply lathering cream to your face.  Other wise I have experienced facial rashes.  I may be a unique case because of my sensitive face.  I have tried other razors in the past and must say that the gillet sensor is the best for me.  I gave it three stars because it does not last more than two shaves.  The razor gets dull and may be the cause of the skin rash. Gillet is a brand that I trust and no.  I have been using these razors for many years now and I do think it is a good brand.  Just remember not to dry shave.  I would not recommend these razors for any other body part because the razors do not last that long.  If into that try another brand that would fit your needs.  But all in all I am very happy with the product.


Saint Clair Shores, MI


The Old is still Great


I have seen the price of the new model razors, although they do fine, I find that for the price of the new fancy razors there is no justification for the high price a person pays. The old Gillette Senor Razor costs about a third of the newer models and does just as good. I have also seen that the newer models sell cheaper in South Korea than in the U.S. The Gillette Senor gives a close shave and is more dependable than the newer razors, even the refills costs about half as much as the refills for the new razors. I have found that the Sensor is easier to use and gives me the right amount of closness that prevents nicks and cuts, so I am not walking around with tissue stuck to my face. New does not always mean better and in most cases does mean a higher price. Gillette Senor is the only razor for me, I do not need 3, 4, or even five blades to nick and cut me while giving me the same results as my 2 bladed Sensor at a lower costs, my face is happy as well as my wallet.


Colorado Springs, CO


non-irritating, clean, close shave


I have been using the Gillette Sensor razor for three years now.  After a shower, shaving is really easy and smooth.  I am an acne sufferer so I go really light and careful when I shave.  I started using this razor after reading some acne forums and this was highly touted as THE acne razor.  I rarely get razor burn or rashes from shaving and get this mostly when I don't have enough time to shower before I shave.  This simple razor has two blades and the head can swivel for any contour or jaw-line action.  The swiveling action is very smooth and the razor has a heavy, quality feel to it compared to throw-away razors.  Two blades is enough for me with pre-prep and post shave components.  My only complaint is that razor heads are really expensive, but I would rather have this than an electric razor.  Also, for some reason, this Gillette Sensor razor does a better job at not irritating my skin than the Gillette Sensor Excel.


Irvine, CA


Sensor is Simple


I have used gillette razors for most of my shaving life. The sensor is the one I've used the most. It doesn't have all the fancy bells and whistles of some of the newer razors coming out lately. For example it doesn't have a hydration strip or fancy vibrating. But it does the job. Without the hydration strip, you can get some of those hard to shave places like just under my nose. With newer models I have trouble there. The 3 blade does tend to do a closer shave. I have noticed that if I don't use shaving gel with it, the whiskers tend to pile up between the blades and it starts to gum up. It can difficult to clean it out once it gets jammed up. That's mostly a problem because of my lack of water pressure. But newer models don't seem to have this problem. Maybe it's just something to do with the spacing of the blades. Simplicity in this case ends up being both a pro and a con for the razor. I like simplicity, but like some of the benefits of the newer models.


Lehi, UT


A really close shave


A couiple of years ago, my job cut my hours. Due to a decrease in income, money for personal care items was reduced. Unfortunately, the need for these items remained the same, and disposable razors was one of the items my family used on a daily basis. I spotted the Gillette Sensor disposable razors and thought they might work well for my husband. He tried them the next day and we were both pleased by the close shave he received. They are of a high quality so the blades stay sharp longer than most disposables. They are economic and are available in most grocery and drug stores. The design is great, and the handle doesn't slip in wet hands causing an apinful and unsightly cut. They are easily maneuverable, even around small areas like under the lip or on the chin. Even though they are technically mens razors, I have been known to use them as well for legs and underarms. This is a wonderful product and I would recommend it to all my friends.


Jonesboro, GA


Used to be a good razor when made in USA!


The** Gillette Sensor Razor **was a long time friend of mine, in many a bathroom, satisfying my shaving needs. When the production of the beauties were mass-produced in South America, the durability, sharpness and quality of the blades have diminished dramatically. Ironically this product is better for trimming and shaping hair than shaving the face or head clean. The pluses are price and only the blades are disposable. Gillette upgraded the product several times by adding ridged comfort strips below the twin blade housing, then added three blades, four blades and five blades. They are all fine products, but do not fit my personal needs as a consumer. Don't mess with success. I am an older gentleman with old-fashioned values. If you like these razors, they are harder to find in retail stores now. I have purchased them at membership outlet warehouses and on-line. **Gillette Sensor Razor **used to be a good razor when made in USA! I have yet to find any made in North America. Please let me know if there are razors with this brand name, made again in the USA.


Seattle, WA


gillette sensor razors aren't good for the money


The reason I gave Gillette Senor razors  a two star rating is because some of them are not sharp.  I buy the ten cartridge pack and out of the ten cartridges at least two or three are not  sharp. The  razors that are sharp do last a long time.  I brought the ten cartridge pack about twenty times  to be fair to the product, but I have the same problem with some of them not being sharp. For the money I just do not think this is a good buy. So I would not recommend Gillette Senor razors to my friends or to any one else. P.S. some times the bad ones are so bad that I have to get  another one to finish up with.


Crossville, TN


Gillette Sensor Razor

3.8 8