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Gillette Satin Care Dry Skin Shave Gel

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Gillette Satin Care Works, but not at Moisturizing


Shaving gels are my preferred means for shaving preparation and I have an assortment of brands and varieties that I have tried and liked. Some are better than others and one that is okay but not among the best is Gillette Satin Dry Skin Care Shaving Gel. Shaving Cream Facts and Commentary: Gillette Satin Dry Skin Care Shaving Gel is a gel- style shaving aid and, like the others, it is dispensed as gel and then gradually foams up as you spread it around your skin. It takes very little to create a good coating on the face and it seems to last longer than shaving creams. The scent is mild and gender- neutral so anyone can use it. As I said, I prefer shaving gels to shaving creams and I tend to stick with gels exclusively whenever I shave. However, Gillette Satin Dry Skin Care Shaving Gel doesn't rate among my favorite gels and part of the reason is that it doesn't necessary do what it claims. I don't have dry skin issues, but I like some of the moisturizing/dry skin shaving products because, if properly prepared, they are a treat to the skin, making it feel like you have applied lotion. With this product, I can't see much different and frankly I find the regular Gillette Series shaving gel better at making the skin feel moisturized even though it doesn't promote itself that way. Aside from the dry skin claims, this product is good for shaving. It does a good job lubricating and softening the facial stubble so that it can be easily swept away by a nice, sharp blade. The price isn't too bad either, so it makes a good choice for those who are cost conscious and want a product that will get the shaving routine finished without giving up much cash. My Bottom Line: My bottom line with Gillette Satin Dry Skin Care Shaving Gel is that it works but don't get your hopes up too high about it helping you with dry skin. I don't notice much difference when I use this, but as long as you keep that in mind and use it for its shaving capabilities, you will find it to be a good product. Effectiveness The shaving abilities of this product are good, but it isn't that great at moisturizing the skin. Scent The scent is good- not too strong and it is gender neutral.

Houston, TX


Keeps my legs, soft and smooth.


I use Satin Care Shave Gel, each time I shave. It prevents moisture loss that occurs during shaving. It is rich with Shea Butter, that just leaves your skin feeling silky and so smooth to the touch. Its a Gel, that turns into this rich, creamy lather. I have told every girlfriend I have about this. I love it in the winter months even more, when your skin in at war with the dry, cold winter air. I know I am winning that battle.

In the sun, FL


Gillette Satin Care is the best shave gel out there!


Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel, really any of them, I feel in love using the original;) is the BEST!  I love the gel to foam formula, I don't seem to use as much as direct foam.  It goes on smooth and sticks well to my legs, lol.  Used with any razor it works great but used with a Gillette Venus razor you get the best and closest shave ever!  In the summer we are always talking about legs and shaving and I always talk about how wonderful my Satin Care and Venus help me get the smoothest possible shave!  Gillette Satin Care is also very moisturizing so my legs feel soft and healthy as well as look it, when I get out of the shower.  This shave gel is so good that my husband loves it when he runs out of his shaving gel and just *has* to use my Satin Care!!  Of course he doesn't tell me this till after he uses it because he know I hate it when he does that!  At least I know I have found a wonderful, all purpose shave gel!

Mendota, IL


Smooth and effective


This is a great product for those who shave their legs often. The water from the shower/bath can  dry out your skin. This shave gel helps moisturize the skin while you shave. I've had silky smooth legs after my shower.  A great thing about this shaving gel is that is lasts a long time. Also, it often has a 20% bonus at the same price on the normal sized canister. Its also a fairly prices shaving gel that often goes on sale and has coupons in the newspaper. I've gotten this product for as cheap as 45 cents. For 45 cents, this product is well worth getting. Its does the job it was produced to do and is at a great price. Another great feature of this product is that it foams. The new thing is to have the shaving gel not foam up and then you have to spread it thinly on the skin. Those products are not as effective as foaming shaving gels. Stain Care is a foaming shaving gel that is easy to spread and cover the whole leg without much of the product being used.

Sunnyvale, CA


My favorite!


I have been using the Gillette Satin Care shave gel for dry skin for a long time now.  They have recently changed formulas, so I haven't been using the new formula very long, but I haven't noticed any difference, really.  I don't have particularly dry skin, but I have found that other formulas of the Satin Care, and other brands like Skintimate, create dry skin!  The dry skin formula prevents that and gives me a close, smooth, long-lasting shave.  It doesn't have an objectionable scent (I don't care what it smells like as long as it isn't *bad*).   I always use a loofah to "exfoliate" first, and combined with the Gillette Venus Divine razor, I get a beautiful shave.  Plus I get great deals on it by combining coupons with low sale prices! So it's very good for my shopping budget too!  I will stick with the Gillette Satin Care Dry Skin formula, and have happy skin and happy legs, and happy budget!

Valley Center, KS


If this is shave gel is for dry skin, I can't tell!


While I was waiting for my order of natural products to arrive, I ran out of shaving cream.  I bought some Gillette Satin Care because my choices at the commissary were limited.  Although it isn't the worst shaving cream I've ever used, it isn't a great one.  I probably wouldn't buy it again. **Gillette Satin Care Dry Skin Shave Gel **contains ingredients like glycerin and shea butter to "help protect the skin against moisture loss during the shave, leaving your skin incredibly soft and smooth."  The amount of shea butter in this product must be miniscule because it is the third to *last *ingredient on the label.  I am used to a [shaving cream][1] that uses shea butter as the second ingredient, so forgive me for laughing at Gillettes' formula. This shaving cream did a decent job of providing a smooth shave, but I really don't like the scent.  It smells like a very strong perfume.  It's very overwhelming and unpleasant. After shaving with this product, my legs didn't feel moisturized at all.  They felt tight like I needed to apply lotion ASAP.  They call it a "dry skin shave gel", but it really isn't any different from a regular shaving cream. It provided a decent shave, but with the horrible scent and lack of a moisturizing shave from a "dry skin" formula, I have to give this product 2 stars.  [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Skindecent-Sphynx-Shaving-Cream-Mangolicious-review-c2ec0

Camp Lejeune, NC


Gillette Satin Care Dry Skin Shave Gel

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