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Men's Body Wash
Gillette Oil Control 2 in 1 Face Wash + Body Wash

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My son's back has cleared up since he started using this.


I have a teenaged son and like most teenagers he has oily skin and can get acne on his back which he does not like. He asked me if I could get him something manly for that and I found some Proctor & Gamble Gilette Oil Control 2 in 1 Face and Body Wash. The body wash comes in a slightly oddly shaped bottle with a flip up lid. It has a convenient 2-in-1 formula that combines a Deep Cleaning Body Wash + Daily Face Wash with microbeads. The formula helps to scrub away dead skin cells without drying out the skin, leaving the skin very clean and oil free without drying it out. The scent is kind of manly but not overly manly. There is is a slightly citrus like fragrance but it is kind of hard to describe, it is not your typically manly scent, but it is not a feminine scent either. My son really loves this stuff. His back almost never has acne on it anymore and his face is looking a lot better too. So he is loving it and now this is on my regular shopping list. So since my son loves it and I can see a difference in his skin that is so much better I have to give this a strong recommendation. Effectiveness Works great, my son's skin has really cleared up. Scent Kind of hard describe, it is nice a bit citrus like, not overly manly but not feminine either.

Crystal Lake, IL


the boys in my family love it


I am the mom to 3 boys and they all love this product. I am an advid coupon shopper and purchased it because of the good deals I could get them for. Thankfully I can still find some great prices because my husband and boys are now asking for it. I don't think they have ever asked for a health or beauty product before!  It is easy to use and leaves them smelling great! We live in the far north and have a lot of trouble with dry skin, I was thrilled that this body wash had mosturizer formulas available and seems to have worked well. A bottle last for about a week and I think compares to a bar of soap. I love that it doesn't leave a mess and is easy even for the younger boys to use. There is no soap to fall off the dish or soapy streaks down the shower wall with this product too. I like that it helps elimate some of the mess we would get from soap. The kids think it's fun to use and I like less mess!

Wasilla, AK


Gillete Oil Control 2 in 1 Facewash + Body Wash


P&G's Gillete Oil Control 2 in 1 Face Wash + Body Wash does the job but it is a bit expensive. I can achieve the same results with a cheaper body wash. I like the scents and it leaves my skin feeling clean but I do not notice anything special about it's 2 in 1 feature. I have normal skin so maybe I would benefit more from the product if I had more oily skin. This is a good product to buy a) when it is on sale b) when you have a coupon. I am somewhat environmental conscious and I think the bottle could be more environmental friendly. The plastic is very thick and, in my opinion, could be made thinner so less material is used. Overall opinion/review of this product: it cleans me and I like that. But I do not come out of the shower and more of a man than I went it because I used a name brand special 2-1 body wash. I say, "Men, buy something a little less expensive and achieve the same results so we have more money spend on the women in our lives!" One thumb up!

Ooltewah, TN


Gillettee is pretty amazing


I recently purchased Gillette body wash for my husband.  He wanted to try something a little different, and I thought this might be a good idea to try something new for him!  So, I found Gillette body wash.  I was a little nervous because my husband is really picky about certain scents.  The scents he uses need to be manly and yet not overwhelming.  I was very happy when he told me that he really liked how this body wash smelled.  We had passed the first part of the test!  My husband also really liked the body wash in the shower when he used it.  He said it lathered extremely well, and a little amount of the body wash seemed to go a long way!  He was really impressed.  That is a strong compliment coming from my husband who isn't always fond of using anything that is a little different.  However, when he finished using this bottle, he told me that I should add Gillette body wash to my grocery list.  He really wanted more!  Good thing!  It is a great product!

Waynesboro, PA


It is great


MY son got a sample of the gillette bodywash in the mail and it was great. It has those little beads in it that bust when you scrub . We got the face oil control and body wash and it not only works good but it smells good to .It is very easy to use and i have a seven year old he loves the smell and it much easier to get him to wash with this instead of a bar of soap.We will be buy this product in the near future.

Ocala, FL


Gillette Oil Control 2 in 1 Face Wash + Body Wash

4.4 5