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Gillette Mach3 Turbo Razor

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Better than some


The product was better than most of their other products ive used for shaving but not the best one ive used by them it gets a clean smooth shave.


Killeen, Texas


Mach3 - My husband and I both use it!


I love this razor. I bought one for my husband and have recently purchased another one for myself. I know he really enjoys shaving with it and I definitely find it better than a lot of the products made for women. Since we both use the same type it is easy for me to buy replacement blades too. I shave my legs about 3 times a week and I usually replace the blade every two-three weeks. I think this is about average for the life span of razor blades but I definitely don't try to push the life span...I replace the blade as soon as it is getting dull so someone who is less picky could probably get more use of it. I love the aloe on the blade, it makes shaving so much more comfortable. I think the razor is quite flexible too...I know my husband likes that he hardly ever cuts himself. The only downside is that the replacement blades are more expensive than some other brands but I think they are worth it.


Chicago, IL


Okay for price


When i want to get a quck smooth shave in before i went out on a night with my friends this was the tool of the trade. the blades really give you confort because they are perfectly inclinded to keep close to your face while reducing drag that most razor's don't take into account. when you think of Gilette you think of the new England Patriot's Stadium becasue of the company, and there quarterback Tom brady. He is a person that strives for no other than pure excellence and that's what i believe by putting this bl;ade out there Gilette in a company sense is doing they are putting there name out on the line for Tom Brady. For me i am a really tiny spender so i use a blade 13 or 14 times before i change it up so i always have scars all over my pipple cover face, but with this blade that aspect of my life has been greaterly reduced!!!


Manhattan Beach, CA


Clean comfortable shave each time


This is the shaver that I've been using for a long time. I got it in the mail for free from Gillete on my 18th birthday! And I've been using it ever since. This gives me a super clean shave each time and unlike some of those big bulky electric shavers, you only have to run this thing through your face once each spot instead of going in a circular motion. The down side with these things though, if you want to call it that, is that you have to first wet your face, so I just wash before I shave. Some times I don't even use a shaving cream and just wet my face with hot water and run the blade through running hot water after shaving each spot. It is very easy to use, however the refills can get real expensive even though the stick was free...


Oakland, CA


Mach3 Turbo, still one of the best


Even with all this time and years gone by, this is still one of the best razors on the market. They last a decent amount of time for a daily shaver like myself, and the blades are cheap enough if you buy in bulk not to break the bank. My only problem with them is the fact that the little gel strip is pretty flimsy and it'll break and dissolve before the razor is dull. I use this combined with some of the gillete shaving cream and it work very well. I have been literally buying these blades since I was in high school and I can never get enough. Even with all of the new razors out there, there is a reasonw hy these still sell and if you look in enough sites, you should be able to buy the blades in bulk and get a good deal.


Bellevue, NE


Is Gillette Mach3 Turbo better than Gillette Mach3?


I usually need to use one disposable razor head per shave of my entire head. The razor has strips on it to indicate when it's time to change the blade. These strips usually wear out about three quarters of the way through my shave. Bear in mind I'm shaving my entire head.I like to rinse the hair out from in between the three blades a number of times during my shave. Most of the time this is easy to do however sometimes hair gets stuck in between the blades and this hurts the quality of the shave from that point forward. I shave against the grain and I don't cut myself that much with this razor. I consider all the Mach 3 products to be essentially the same product. the Mach 3 Turbo is priced higher, and sometimes I buy it just thinking that the extra money must pay for something better, but I feel I would need a double-blind study to really tell you with certainty that the extra money actually translates into better performance. Overall I would say it's a great product. the five blade razors are too expensive the single blade razors wear out to quickly shave my entire head.


Lowell, MA


Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Razor is the best


The Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Razor is the best razor on the market. I have been useing the Gillette brand razors ever since i was knee high to a grasshopper. I am willing to pay for quality and quality is what you get with the Gillette Razor. I have tried several other razors and none will do as good of a job as the Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Razor. The refills are a little high, but only because they last a whole lot longer than other ones on the market. I would much rather go with the ones that last longer, than the ones that i will have to throw away after one use. I don't get the five o'clock shaddow near as quick when i use this Mach 3 Turbo razor. It has a close shave that no other razor has. I have sensitive skin too and the Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Razor will not break my skin out like other razors will do. I can even go against the grain and it will not break my skin out. There is no pulling eithor. a lot of razors i have used in the past have pulled my whiskers and was painfull. This razor is the best and my son will be useing it in about a year or so. My wife uses it now! She tells me that she likes the way that it glides and don't pull the hair.


Greenbrier, AR


Mach3 Turbo great for a close shave every morning.


When my husband and I first started dating, he used cheap, disposable razors. Having never used anything else, he was fine with them. Having a reusable razor, and being eco friendly, I purchased him a a Gillete Mach3 Turbo Razor as soon as I was given the opportunity. Right from the first use, he was hooked. He was able to get a closer shave, which we both love. No prickles right after shaving is wonderful. He now almost never cuts himself, the razors last longer, and we are happy to be contributing less to landfills. The start up cost on one of these razors is a certainly more than their disposable counterparts, but over time, we find that we spend less money. Added with the benefits I've already mentioned, we couldn't be happier. Not long ago, my husband forgot his razor on a training trip out of town. He bought a disposable razor, tried it once, threw it away and bought a travel Mach3. It's amazing what a difference one of these will make.


Snow Hill, MD


Gillette Mach3 Turbo Razor = GREAT SHAVE!


I have extremely sensitive legs and have always had a hard time finding a razor that didn't literally tear up my legs. I decided to use this razor a few years back just to try it out because I was to the point of desperation and would try anything.  I was so pleasantly surprised with this product! It is geard towards men, but I didn't and do not care. haha It leaves my legs smooth and silky and not all cut up and razor burned. I really like feel of the razor in your hand too.  The razor heads also get such a close shave that it can honestly cut even leg hair that you've allowed to grow a little longer than you should have without pulling your hair really badly! haha The cons about this product I feel would be that it is a little on the expensive side. Buying refill cartridges are extremely expensive too.  It's very hard to get open and out of the plastic packaging and I've even cut my fingers a few times but you just have to be really careful and I should've used a pair of scissors or something those few times. Other than these few things I would definitely recommend this razor.


Livingston, TX


Gillette Mach 3 will make your face as smooth as a baby's bottom


The Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Razor is very nice razor that will leave your face smooth as glass.  The razor is nice and is a very good quality product and is a lot nicer then those cheap plastic throw away razors.  The razor makes a very clean shave and I've never had a problem with razor burns or it leaving nicks and cuts.   One thing that is a downer is that the razor itself is a lot more expensive then your typical razors and the refills can get expensive to replace.  But overall I really like this razor more then the other ones out there and I'm willing to pay the difference for the quality shave.   Also while I really don't mind, the packaging is by no means "green" and I sometimes wonder if they could cut the cost of the razor if they put it in a different packaging.   But I will continue to buy this product and have recommended this razor to other people as well.   You will get what you pay for in the end!!!!


Corydon, IN


Gillette Mach3 Turbo Razor

4.3 24