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Gillette Intuition Razor for Women

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With Intuition you get a smooth shave for silky smooth legs.


Actually my rating would be excellent. I think your razors are ideal, they are the perfect solution for shaving a woman's legs with the minimum of shave items. However, I am handicapped from a areoke (with a paralysed left arm) and cannot reach the outside of my left leg with my right hand because the razor handle is too short. I would love to see the Intuition razor in a long-handled version or at least an extension for the handle.




The best thing a women can get!


I don't know how many women on here use regular razors or something thats cheap or these, but your top chioce should be this razor. I started buying these razors/refills when i was about 17 years old and have never looked back. I love the fact that now the razor handles are shaped better o shave easier and that now they have the blades for people with sensitive skin. Yes they can get pretty pricie but when you figure in for the cost for the soap you would normally use or the gel or what not it's a hell of a lot cheaper. I'm also a fast shaver and with this razor/refills you can shave fast and not cut yourself. In all the years i've used this product i've only cut myself twice and that was to my fault not the product. The only thing to ake sure of is to make sure you hand up the razor so the water doesn't start dissolving the soap, but thats common to happen if you mistreat this product in any way.


Minot Afb, ND


Schick Intuition razor is great for convenience!


**Schick® Intuition Plus® lathers, shaves and moisturizes in one easy step so there is no need for shave gel, soap or body wash. Now with 4 blades, it will leave your skin noticeably softer! It is simple to use so Trust Your Intuition® and try it!  I think the Schick Intuition razor is all in all a good razor.  The only downfall is sometimes it makes my legs feel slimy afterwards if I don't rewash them with soap right after I shave my legs.  Another downfall about the razor is that the blade and stuff does not last long.  Mine usually only last two or three shaves.  The Intuition is also kind of pricey.  It makes shaving easier for me because I live in a dorm and the showers are small and it is convienent.  I really like the fact that I do not have to lather my legs with shaving cream then let all the water make the shaving cream run off and start all over again.  That is my favorite thing about the Intuition that with only having access to a shower it makes it so much easier!**


Oakland City, IN


Convenient but wasteful


I received several of the Venus Intuition razors as part of new-mom sample packs. They are disposable women's razors with a cake of solid shaving cream/soap around the blade. I do like the convinience of being able to just run them over my skin without worrying about applying shaving cream, and the solid cream does last quite a while. However, there are some major problems with this product. The solid cream gets worn down faster on one side than the other. Because you run the razor downwards, the soap below the razor gets worn down first, so even with the upper half of the product still available, it's either garbage, or you have the run the remaining soap over your legs first by holding the razor upside down and rubbing it all over your legs, then flip it over and start shaving. Granted, that's not too inconvinient compared to applying cream or soap seperately, except that eventually the cake breaks apart with a good deal of product still remaining, and chunks get stuck in the shower drain. The other problem is that this razor is best for relatively flat areas, like legs or underarms, because the head of the razor does not move. So you need a different razor for bikini areas and knees. Lastly, this product is a horrible waste of a huge chunk of plastic. I believe you might be able to buy replacement heads with more solid cream attached, but it hardly seems worth it considering the limited value of the cream. I feel horrible sending so much plastic into the landfill for no good reason, when I could buy a nice permanent razor with small replaceable heads.


Sumter, SC


OK, not great


The Venus Intution- Overall I think this is a pretty good razor. I have used it on and off for a few years now and in rotation with other venus products. I really enjoy the fact that the razor strips come with aloe, which is great for my sensitive skin. I also think that the strips are really convenient especially when i am in a hurry or traveling. I like not having to worry about shave gel getting everywhere in the tub as well. I have also found that this razor works surprisingly decent in difficult shave areas and gets a relativly close shave. What I dislike, however, is that despite the giant shave strip, it is really only good for a few shaves before the strip dissolved below the razor and I either have to purchase shave gel anyway-kinda ruining the point of buying this particular razor. I have also found that this razor leaves behind alot of soap on my legs despite rinsing throughly. In addition, I tend to get really bad razor burn from this model, sometimes even when the strip is full.


Ann Arbor, MI


Gillette Intuition Razor for Women

3.8 5