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Gillette Good News Razor

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careful with this; it's cheap and cheap


Maybe it was the batch I bought, but I learned long ago how to shave with minimal/ no cuts. With Gilette Good News, it seemed that every swipe of my face resulted in a slice. I was miffede. It didn't help. either, that my cat grew ever and ever more curious as my face filled up with blood splotches.   I don't think Gillette is a bad company at all. I believe, however, they were VERY cost-concious when they manufactured this razor series. It is not a good one, and had I not tried a few of their other raors, I would be sworn off of anything with the Gillette brand name.



Gillette Good News Razors Are Awesome!


Gillette Good News Razors are simply awesome. I went to my favorite store to get some things we needed, but they were out of the brand of razors that my husband and I always use. So I got these. I had always used and loved Gillette products, so I decided to give these a try. I brought them home, and my husband was putting up the things I had bought. He asked me why in the world did I get something like "these razors?" I told him the store was out of my regular brand. He then offered to go to the drugstore down the street and get the razors we had always used. I told him that he wasn't and that I could not believe he wanted to buy more when we had a new pack of razors just bought. Both he and I do not like to waste anything, but I think he didn't want to try another brand because he has sensitive skin and doesn't like to try anything new on his face. After some convincing, he did say he'd try them. And, try them he did. He came to me that morning and told he he actually loved the razors. He informed me that WE would definitely buy this kind from now on even if I wanted to get the other brand. OK! When I tried them I felt the same way he did. They were awesome. I couldn't believe it. One razor is as good as another, I thought. NOT SO, we both discovered.

Rainsville, AL


Shave friendly


Gillette "Good News Razor" is good news, indeed! I searched the supermarket high and low for a razor that would give me a close shave and finally allow my wife to stroke my face without hurting her precious little hand! I had tried many other razors, such as Schick, but nothing has come close to the divine quality that Gillette has been able to provide me. In the morning, before I wake up and leave for work, I must shave everyday, and I have encountered many razors that have cut and scratched me. The guys at work always make fun of me, but now that Gillette has given me "good news", not anymore! I get an extremely close shave and there is absolutely no razor burn either! My skin is smooth, and the razor itself cuts smoothly and evenly, so that no patches of hair go missed. Every morning, I look foward to shaving with my Good News razor because of the perfect way it glides across my skin and makes me look good in the morning. Thank you, Gillette!

Rochester, NY


Great for line ups.


For this product, it''s pretty basic: a simple, disposable shaving razor. I'm the kind of guy qthat grows hair overnight, so if your like me, then dont expect a close and easy shave from this tool. The way I personally shave is I start with this disposable Gillette razor to shave most of my hair, and mainly line my goatee and sideburns because I like to do the thin sideburns connected to the goatee, so this product is great for that because its a small razor with a slim T that helps you easily even out your sideburns. After I am finished, I move to my Gillette Fusion Razor for the closer shave. I like these gillette disposable razors because they are very easy to use, and they help my Gillete Fusion Razor blades last longer because the disposables do all the hard work. Theres also the plus version for the disposables incase your the type of person that likes the rubber-coded comfort on your razor. I work with either or and have no problems using either one. I give this product a 9/10 if you consider it for line ups, and decent quality for a good pricce.

Bloomington, CA


good news


The gillette good news razor is a manual disposable mens razor that provides a close shave. I recommend this razor to any man who wants a close shave at a very low price. There are no replacement cartridges since this is a single disposable razor with no replacement points anywhere on the razor. The gillette good news razor has small solid handle and sharp precision blades with limited technology. It is a good fit with the other Gillette family of razors. The gillette good news razor is available at most drug stores, supermarkets, and grocery stores, sometimes on sale.  There are two or three variants of the fusion subtype brand on display at the stores. The gillette good news razor comes in an attractive plastic package which is not reusuable after opening. The razor should be kept clean by running water for maximum effectiveness.  The razor can last up to 15-20-25 shaves if kept clean.

Fort Worth, TX


Shaving just got a little more convenient and easier on the go


I use this razor at home and on the go. I like the shave i receive and the value you get from this as compared to other "systems" is unmatched. You will enjoy a nice clean shave, no nicks, no bleeding,at a price you will like. Perfect for home or on vacation, and will use more than once or twice too!!

Largo, FL


Gillette Good News Razor

3.8 6