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Gillette Daisy 3 Razor

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reliable , safe shave


There are a lot of new and fancy disposable razors for both men and women on the market right now , but for the price , it is pretty hard to beat these cute pink Daisy 3 disposable razors for ladies . They are so cheap but not cheaply made - they have a triple blade that gives a much smoother and cleaner shave than a 2 blade head. Thus , no more nicks and cuts to contend with .  With one quick glide, you are cleanly shaven  - you don;t have to go over the leg more than once to catch stray hairs . The razor does not irritate my skin and I don't get those horrible , irritating bumps on my skin that I have experienced with other brands . They also work well on sensitive underarm area and you can put on deodorant fairly quickly ,because there is no irritating razor burn to contend with - I get several uses or more out of each razor so they last quite awhile and at the price , they cannot be beat. They are readily available everywhere too .


Springfield, MA


Smooth shave in one foul swoop


I am a busy mom who rarely ever has the tome to take a luxurious bath or even a quick shower, so when I need to shave I need something that can get the job done well with very little fuss. These razors made by gilette are fairly inexpensive when you buy on sale or use a coupon, and they stay sharp for quite a while so you get a good long use time out of them. Plus what I love is that you can just run them over your legs quickly with the confidence that it is doing a great job of giving you a close shave without having to go back over the same area more than one time or check back over it woth your hands to make sure that you got eh job done. Because when you are a busy mother of two as I am you simply don't have the time to bother. I love this product because it is a dependable affordable and high quality product for busy moms and working women alike. Great if you want a high quality razor without having to go to the higher end more expensive Venus line razors. 


North Wilkesboro, NC


Gillete Daisy 3 is the best disposable razor!


The Gillete Daisy 3 (meaning three blades) is the best disposable razor I have ever used. Before the three bladed razors came out, I used the regular two bladed razors, which work just fine. But, once I tried the Gillete Daisy 3, I absolutely loved it. I always get a nice, smooth shave and I rarely cut myself with it. I have tried using the Venus which has three blades, but I did not like it as much as this razor. I have also tried using Schick razors which I have never liked because I always cut myself with those and I don't think they shave as well. The Gillete Daisy 3 are disposable so you do have to keep buying new ones, instead of simply replacing the razor head, but it's definitely worth it because of the smooth shave you get from it. I have not tried an electric razor so I'm not able to compare this razor to any of those, but if you like disposables or want to try them, i would definitely recommend this one.


Seattle, WA


it is one of the best disposalable razors out there


I really like the Daisy Razor.  The cost is reasonable and they usually have a few free razors in the bag.  My husband uses it also for shaving, and it gets really close.  I would recommend this disposable razor to anyone who uses disposable.  They stay sharp for many uses and we have 2 young adults in the house that shave every day.  I have used the ones with the swivel head and I don't really care for them I don't feel they get as close as the Daisy does. They are great for people who travel because they last for many shaves you do not need to bring many blades with you.  It is also a name brand that you are able to find in any store in any state, so you can stick with what you like.  I have used other blades before that say they are like the Daisy and I don't think they are half as good as a Daisy.  I will continue to buy Daisy razors and tell my friends to buy them also, it is really a great deal for the money!


Saint Paul Park, MN


Gillette Daisy 3 Razor

4.5 4