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Gilad's Quick Fit System
Gilad's Quick it System Gilad's Quick Fit System

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Awesome, fun workout!


Gilad Janklowicz is one of the world's most popular fitness instructors. He has been on TV for over 25 years with programs such as Total Body Sculpt With Gilad and Bodies in Motion. In March of 2007 he was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame. The Quick Fit System is one of his many highly acclaimed workout DVDs. This set includes 3 cardio sessions and 4 toning sessions. The sessions are done in a specific order to maximize fat burning. You also get 3 booklets-- a *progress journal* to keep track of your first 12 weeks on the program, Gilad's *Eat Right Now* nutritional plan and his *Training Program*. You will also get Gilad's ebook (on CD-ROM) "Discovering The Joys in Fitness" and membership to the QFS web site. There is a one year money back guarantee, but I know if you give 100% to this program and follow it correctly you won't need the guarantee! Now...the program. I have to admit, the cardio routines are darn difficult at first for beginners and may scare away a person who's new to exercise. But don't give up! Once you get the routines down, they are a blast! Even if you can't do them exactly, it's still fun! Gilad is nice to look at, and the Hawaiian beach it's filmed on is nice too. First there's the Cardio Classic, which is basically classic aerobics. This is the easiest of the 3 cardio workouts. Next is Cardio Strike, where you're introducing kick-boxing moves into the routine. If you love kick-boxing, you'll love this workout! Finally, Cardio Blast combines the aerobics and kick-boxing for a fun workout. All cardio workouts are between 30-35 minutes long. Next are the 4 weight training videos. Gilad works through the motions with you, showing you proper form and technique. 3 to 10 pound weights are recommended, based on your ability. Each video works opposing muscle groups. Hips, Thighs and Buns; Chest and Back; Shoulders and Arms and finally, Abs. I must admit the abs workout is a killer. The strengthening workouts are 15-20 minutes long The Training Program booklet will tell you which workouts to do in what order for 12 weeks. You WILL lose weight and tone up with this program in less than an hour a day!  


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Gilad's Quick it System Gilad's Quick Fit System

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