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Ghirardelli Chocolate Caramel Coffee

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Delightful! I spend less time and money at Starbucks!


I love this coffee.  I spent way too much money at Starbucks, but love mocha coffees.  So I tried several brands.  And this was the winner.  When brewing it the first time, my children asked me if I was baking brownies.  I drink it both hot and iced, with creamer and a little sweetner.  While pricier than other brands of coffee, the flavor is worth every penny, and with the money I save by not visiting Starbucks everyday, I can afford to splurge.


Tempe, AZ




This Ghirardelli Chocolate Caramel Coffee is out of this world! I first tried it at a friend's house because that was the only coffee he was serving. I usually do not like coffee other than my brand which is Starbucks. I was pleasantly surprised with this one though. Usually I do not care for sweet coffee either but this one is excellent. I love Ghirardelli chocolates so it makes sense that I would like the coffee but because I don't usually like any flavoring or sweetness, I was skeptical. I am so glad I didn't pass on trying it. I have bought several bags now and drink them when I want to sit and enjoy a cup of joe while I continue to drink my regular brand in the mornings or when rushing to get somewhere. I also serve this to company and they have been as impressed as I was.


Decatur, TX


Excellent coffee


I am not a coffee drinker, let's just say that, and i love love love this coffee mix.  Seriously fantastic, highly reccomend, would buy it to give as a gift to anyone, I swear, one of the best gifts I've received! Love it!


Caledonia, MN


Ghirardelli Chocolate Caramel Coffee

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