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Gevalia 85123 / 85199 8-Cup Coffee Maker

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Great for Entertaining


I've received several Gevalia coffee makers over the years through their special promotions and I was excited to receive this one. At first they sent me the black model even though I'd requested the white one so I had to go through a lengthy exchange process. Then the white one they sent me arrived with the glass in the insulated carafe broken so I had to do another exchange. Finally, about four weeks later I had a working, correctly colored model. Once I finally had the correct item in my hands I was very pleased. It looks very sharp on the countertop and doesn't take up a great deal of space. It's very streamlined and is very easy to use. The carafe is quite large at 8 cups so this is really best for an office or a family who drinks a lot of coffee. I've found that it's best to drink it quickly since it can taste a bit blah after sitting in the carafe for a few hours, which is understandable. The brewing is easy and standard. You just put in your filter, add your coffee, fill the water reservoir, and turn it on. In minutes you have lovely perfectly brewed coffee. I love that this brews directly into the carafe, which is great for entertaining since you can bring the entire carafe to the table or deck and leave it on the table without fear of it cooling off. Overall, once I finally got a correct working model I was very pleased with this.


Vernon Rockville, CT


Standard coffee marker, but a little outdated.


I received a free coffee maker when I purchased Gevalia coffee. The coffee maker is a standard basic coffee maker. I would never pay money specifically for the coffee maker, but I will definitely use it for free. Brew Performance The coffee brews delicious coffee with no issue. Ease of Cleaning The coffee pot is dishwasher safe, therefore easy to clean. Ease of Use Very basic machine with few features. Design I think the design of this coffee pot is very poor. I take that back, I think the design was good several years ago, now there are better ways to brew coffee. There are two major design flaws. When pouring coffee from the coffee maker, it is way to easy to spill coffee. The next design flaw I cannot fully explain. There have been several times I have moved the coffee maker in order to clean under the coffee maker and I have descovered rings of coffee under the coffee maker. Again, I don't fully understand how this is happening, but it is super annoying. Durability Still working after one year!




Great *perk*


I joined the Gevalia coffee club a couple of months ago and received this coffee maker as a part of the introductory offer. I was mainly interested in the delicious varieties of coffees, but this coffee maker is great, better than I could have expected and amazing for the price! It makes 8 cups at once, the carafe is very stylish and I love the white color of the maker itself. It's programmable, very easy to clean, and looks lovely on my kitchen counter. I liked it so much that I signed my Mother In Law up for the coffee club too so that she could get one. Not only can you get coffee in great varieties (you don't always have to use the Gevalia coffee) it's very easy to use and brews a perfect cup every time.


Plymouth, PA


Perfect size for my small countertop


This unit brews pretty quickly, although I think I prefer the Braun makers. The size is just right for the small space I have. Brew Performance Pretty quick brewing Ease of Use This is just your "usual" coffee maker. Design Nice size and looks good, too.


Buckley, MI


Gevalia 85123 / 85199 8-Cup Coffee Maker

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