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Gevalia 8-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker

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the coffemake shut off after brewing and the coffe is cold after one hour.  it is black in color which is good but a poor excuse for a coffee maker.  It is advested to keep coffee hot and pause during brewing, but does neither one.  Where can I get a better product? I had a coffemaker that was plain and simple and it kept the coffee hot for hours.  I would not recommend this cafee to anyone.   It is for show and not for everyday use.

Pullman, MI


Pretty nice


Pros: You can set an automatic time for it to make coffee, it turns off automatically so i don't have to worry about starting a fire (in fact my boyfriend leaves this thing on 90% of the time he leaves the house and it always turns off by itself within 2 hours), it usually comes with free, incredibly smooth coffee, brews in less than a minute, uses cheaper coffee filters than my last coffee pot, gets the coffee just the right temperature so i can add cold creamer and its ready to drink.    Cons: Kind of silly design, it has a grate in the back of it that i can never get to stop splashing water everywhere as i pour it in so i just took it out. It will definitely burn you if you open it up to add more water after its already running. If you neglect cleaning it for a while then you can expect to spend a while getting all the coffee out of the crevaces.   Overall the pro's outweight the cons. Really reliable pot. I've had mine for years.

Middletown, VA


Gevalia Thermos coffee maker is fantastic in the RV


The Gevalia thermos coffee maker is the greatest in the motor home.  You can wake up to a fresh pot and quickly make a second while you travel down the road. The best feature is the thermal caraff, keeps the coffee hot for hours, & the lid is tight ( if it accidentally gets knocked over on a rough road "It doesn't spill").  The thermal liner is **almost** unbreakable.  A sponge on a stick bottle brush is the easiest way to clean inside the caraff between uses. If you use R O  water it makes great tasting coffee and lasts for years before it needs cleaned with vinegar.  I would never be without this coffeemaker in any type RV.

Pueblo, CO


Gevalia's Insulated Coffee Maker keeps coffee hot forever!


Gevalia's insulated coffee maker is a dream for a busy student/wife such as myself. I received this coffee maker as a gift, but I would easily spend the money to buy one if this one broke or as a gift for a friend. It is a quick coffee maker that brews delicious, consistent coffee every time, and keeps it hot for hours without cooking it and ruining the taste. This coffee maker takes cone shaped filters, rather than the original ones. While they can be more expensive to purchase, they are worth it in the long run because your coffee grounds make a stronger pot of coffee without having to use so much because they are stacked up on top of each other rather than being spread out over the bottom of the filter. This coffee maker also features an insulated coffee caraffe, which is probably my favorite thing about this maker. You can make coffee in the morning and come back in the afternoon and it will still be hot. In fact, the coffee will remain hot in the caraffe for up to 8 hours before you will start to consider reheating your coffee before you drink a cup. The coffee will remain hot, but will not start to become sour or more acidic, as it does if you leave it on a burner for too long. I highly recommend this coffee maker by Gevalia. It will make your coffee addiction easier to manage.

Forsyth, MO


Gevalia 8-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker

3.8 4