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Gevalia 12-Cup Coffee Maker

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very good product; makes good coffee


Saw the Gevalia coffee maker at a friend's house and after trying a cup of coffee, I was determined to purchase the 12-cup automatic coffee maker for use in our home.  My friend informed me that she had discovered the product herself on line and there was a special on which was purchase 4 8-ounce bags of coffee, she was able to obtain the 12-cup coffee maker, along with a couple of other free items. I, too, went on line and found that the same special was still in place, so I ordered 2 8-ounce bags of decaf coffee and 2-8-ounce bags of regular coffee and was able to get the 12 cup automatic coffee maker for free.  Also, was able to have the item shipped free. I had to commit to ordering 4 8-ounce bags of coffee at least a minimum of every four weeks,  however, was able to extend the delivery time for six weeks.  I also ordered #4 filter paper.

Gig Harbor, WA


excellent coffee maker


Excellent coffee maker, and an excellent package when it comes with different kinds of coffee. Sampler seems to be the best. Regarding the coffee maker in itself, it is an excellent machine, has never given us any problems,, easy to clean and a very good looking design. Delivery was extremely fast, and a deal that cannot be beat. For the price of a replacement carafe we received a coffee maker, sampler coffee and other utensils to be used for cofee making. As stated before, it cannot be beat. Nice catalogue, and also nice to have the choice of subscribing to a coffee of the month program. We have given it as gifts over the last christmas holidays to friends and neighbors, and they have all been very satisfied and grateful for the coffee maker and for the coffees. A very useful gift. Very good telephone service also. All in all we cannot complain and would gladly recomend this coffee maker.

Elkhart, IN


This Gevalia Coffeemaker is Not Too Shabby


Its not my favorite coffee maker of all time, but its still pretty good. The stainless steel stays clean, the plastic is pretty durable, and the brewed coffee always tastes great. What else is there really to say about a coffee maker? its easy to handle, maybe a little bulky and takes up a lot of space on the counter. Those new style filters are fun to use, and they are easily removed after a fresh brew. Cord length is just about perfect, the manufacturing material should hold up just fine, I would assume. I'd say the measurements are pretty accurate and useful as well. I usually brew about 6 cups worth with my grinded coffee and it always comes out smelling and tasting great. It will brew up pretty quickly, but loud as well. I don't think you can go wrong with a Gevalia, its the new Mr. Coffee of budget coffee makers. Unless you prefer a digital readout, then maybe this isn't really the model for you.

New Braunfels, TX


Very disappointed with this coffee maker


I got this coffee maker for Christmas from my Grandmother. I will admit it has that handy feature of setting the timer to start perking your cofee for you, but so do other coffee makers on the market. I like the style of it, it looks nice. My biggest problem with it is how hot it gets. The coffee has a burnt taste to it after just perking a fresh pot of coffee. Then when it gets done it is so hot that you have to put ice in it to drink it! Or let it set for 30 minutes till it cools down enough to drink. I am a person who as soon as the coffee is done Im ready to drink it! I dont want to have to wait on it!! The pot sets in an enclosed area that helps to keep it extra hot. It does last for a good bit, is pretty affordable and you can get deals on coffee with it through Gevalia. I just do not like they way it stays so hot and makes the coffee taste burned.

Poplar Bluff, MO


Gevalia coffee maker is quick, easy and makes great coffee!


The Gevalia CM-650 12 cup automatic coffee maker has proven to be an excellent choice in meeting my morning coffee needs.  It is easy to use and equally easy to clean.  The filter basket with auto-stop flow when lifted allowws me to get my first cup without waiting for the whole pot to brew and allows me to do so without making a mess.  Unlike  other coffee makers that I owned in the past I'm not frequently surprised with unwanted coffee grounds floating in my coffee.  I  also like the auto-brew feature that allows me to prepare the coffee maker the night before and have fresh coffe waiting for me next morning if I opt to go that route. The option to choose a high or low warmer with the auto shut off is also something that appeals to me as a coffee drinker.  And the icing on the cake is the great selection of wonderfully diverse coffees to choose from, in not only regular but also decaf.  It costs  more than regular store bought coffee but if you enjoy a cup of really good coffee thats convenient and a lot cheaper than a cup of gourmet coffee shoppe coffee, Gevalia is the way to go.

Jacksonville, FL


Gevalia 12-Cup Coffee Maker

3.8 5