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Gevalia 10405 Coffee Maker

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Dependable Coffee Maker


I got this coffee maker as part of a package deal when signing up with the Gevalia website. It is your run of the mill coffee maker but it has proved to be very dependable with out too many frills. I do like that it has a programmable feature so you can set it the night before which makes getting off to work ALOT easier. I have found, at least with mine, that I have to fold the filters just a bit to get it fit right. Now that I have been doing it- it is not a problem. As with most coffeemakers it is best to use purified or at least filtered water when using this machine. I have hard water and if I use regular tap for more than a month the coffeemaker will clog up which requires the standard vinegar brew method to clean it out. It does not take up much space on your counter and it is easy to take care of and easy to clean. Overall it is a good coffee maker for the coffee lover or the occasional coffee drinker.


San Antonio, TX


Coffee, coffee, coffee.


This coffee maker is convenient and easy to use. It didn't take long to figure out how to make the auto setting work so I could wake to fresh coffee in the morning. Brew Performance Coffee is hot and fresh in the morning when I get up. Ease of Cleaning Not too hard to clean. Ease of Use Fairly intuitive design. Didn't take long to figure out how to set the time and the auto function. Design Sleek attractive design. Operative word - Attractive. My mother even likes this machine (hers is black, mine are white). Durability Well, so far it's held up quite well. In fact, we have two of these -- one for coffee and one for tea. Talk about convenience. We never have to worry about our hot drinks with these attractive and useful machines.


Columbus, OH


Cone filter design uses less coffee, makes a better cup


My husband (the Coffee Snob) was reluctant to switch from his space-age, LED-lighted behemoth coffee maker to the sleeker Gevalia model I got from the company through their special promotion. I promised him if he didn't like it, he could switch back. After about a week, he was hooked. He roasts and blends his own coffee, so he's very conscious of the amount of beans he uses to create his perfect cup. After a couple of days of being wired to the back teeth from the new coffeemaker, he realized his beloved basket-filter maker actually used more coffee for the same strength cup than the Gevalia's cone filter did. He was able to cut back on the amount of coffee he uses with no sacrifice of quality or strength - so he's quit complaining about me getting rid of his old coffee maker. Now if I can just convince him to throw out those ratty t-shirts from college... Brew Performance The cone filter brews a stronger cup , since the water takes longer to filter through and is drawn through more coffee. No more dry spots or grounds washed over into the carafe, either! Ease of Cleaning Easy enough, but nobody actually LIKES this job, do they? Ease of Use The window on the side, with the floating red ball, makes it very easy to see how much water you're adding - no need to measure beforehand. Design I like that it's long and lean, so it takes up less counter space. It is fairly tall, though, so someone with low cabinets might want to measure to make certain it fits. Durability Can't really say, because it's still pretty new - but he hasn't broken anything yet!




Gevalia 10405 Coffee Maker

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