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Gevalia 10-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

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grevalia best smell in the world


This coffee pot looks good and has nice features.  Auto brew, auto shut-off, pause-resume and timer set to name a few.  The coffee maker sends the coffee pot to your door through ups and your coffee is delivered this way as you order it each time.  It comes with a stainless steel caraffe that holds all 1o cups to take to work with you each day.  The company starts you out with a special to try it at 10.00 for the pot caraffe, 10 filters, and 3 pounds of coffee.  This is an excellent deal and well worth the great tasting coffee and service. The coffee has an aroma that goes beyound good.  It smells like it comes straight from the bean right in your cup.  It has its own unique aroma and flavor. The pot itself is easy to keep clean and matches any kind of kitchen decor because it is stainless steel.  Very shiny and goregeous.


Topeka, KS


LOVE THIS almost fee coffee pot


I sure had my doubts when I ordered this coffee pot that came along with two pounds of coffee or tea of my choice plus two nice coffee mugs as well as a coffee scoop for less than 30.00.  It arrived and I was shocked when i took it out of the box at how nice it looked...very trendy and it fit will in my stainless kitchen.  But the real test was could it make my favorite brew...and make it the way i like it to taste.  I used the coffee that came with as well as one of their filters....the columbian flavor is what i had chosen.  IT was husband i both enjoyed the was efficient easy to clean up and definately NOT an eye sore on our counter.  I also own a cuisanart and prefer the Gevalia...pretty much FREE coffee pot over it.  It is faster, nicer and much easier to clean.  The downside....they keep sending you coffee every month..but you have not obligation to buy...just write on the box return to sender and you will NOT be sent another thing..and you get to enjoy your coffee and all the things that came with!


Hopedale, IL


Gevalia 10-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

4.5 2