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Germ-X Original Hand Sanitizer

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Love it!


I use this frequently. After washing hands, blowing nose, sore handles, hospitals, anywhere Gerry I use it! Also make my kids use it as well!


Windsor, MO


Only sanitizer I'll use!


I LOVE Germ-X! This stuff not only keeps you germ free, it keeps you soft and supple unlike other hand sanitizing brands out there. The moisturizers in its formula keep your hands soft and smooth, not dry cracked and brittle. I've even been known to put a little on a paper towel and swab my face if it's feeling oily because I know it won't dry it out! I keep a giant jug of it next to me at all times and I will never use another brand. EVER!




Kick germs to the curb


I really like Germ-x hand sanitizer and always carry the travel size bottles in my purse! I am a germ-o-phobe. Germ-x is great because I use it after touching door handles, check out machines, pens at doctors' offices, and more. Germ-x kills 99.9 percent of germs and that is a great comfort to me. I also use Germ-x before I eat in public. It leaves my hands feeling clean and I can enjoy what I am doing or eating!




My favorite hand sanitizer!


This is my favorite hand sanitizer! It doesn't have a strong scent, and doesn't leave your hands feeling sticky like some do. I also find it to not be overly expensive, and easy to find. I have also not had many problems with this product drying out my hands at all.




This may be a inexpensive product but this is an awful sanitizer


I can't give this item a very poor rating because the price is so affordable but that's about the only good thing I feel about it. Awhile back I was having chemo and became very concerned about getting sick especially in the winter months. I bought a few different brands of sanitizer and one was Germ-X Original Hand Sanitizer. As soon as I tipped the bottle and barely squeezed it came pouring out so fast and it had a strong alcohol smell and to top it off It did not rub well so I had to get a tissue to dry my hands. Warning do not use while driving, or you probably will have sanitizer on your clothes too.


Camden, IL


Germ-X works when soap and water aren't around


 Having owned a restaurant and been a caregiver, I can't live without hand sanitizers.  Germ-X is a product that I keep in the house, and have the little 2 ounce size for my pocket book. It states on the bottle that it kills 99.99% of germs, and that is important to me.  **How to use Germ-X** I am fanatical about washing my hands, and washing them for 30 seconds in hot water, with soap.  However, there are occasions when this is just not possible.  When this happens I grab my clear, plastic bottle of Germ-X.  All you do is flip the top of the cap, and then tilt the bottle, so that some of the clear liquid flows out of the hole in the top.  Always remember to replace the cap on the bottle. Then rub your hands together, so that the Germ-X will dry on your hands and you know that they are clean and 99.99% germ free.  **Why I use it** The most important time for me to use Germ-X is in church.  I really don't like it when you have to shake everyone's hand to welcome them.  After church we have coffee and sometimes cake.  If I didn't have my little bottle with me, I would be leaving without refreshments. **What Germ-X say about their product** Adults and children over the age of 6 can use it, but it is not recommended for infants."Germ-X waterless hand sanitizers kill 99.99% of germs. Hand sanitizers are being used to reduce bacteria and infection at hospitals, health facilities, schools, and businesses throughout the country. With the increase of flu everywhere it makes sense to use this 62% alcohol based product on your hands, especially when soap and water are unavailable. They are dermatologist tested and have no triclosan." **Final thoughts** Germ-X comes in a variety of sizes, including pump action bottles and travel size.  You can also get it in wipes.  For more information go to  http://www.germx.com/ or telephone 1-866-MY-GERMX.  This is a keeper for me.


New Port Richey, FL


Clean Feeling


I decided to try Germ X because it was on sale at the store and I needed some purse size hand sanitizer again. As a mom of 4 children, I can never have enough of these and usually have 2-3 containers of something like this in my purse. Plus I work at a teenage boys home. Need I say more? Anyways, I have never tried this brand. I am usually brand loyal or use store brand. I like it. It makes my hand feel clean. Plus it tell you on the bottle how many germs it will kill. Not all sanitizers will tell you. I know Bath and Body Works did not the last time I bought a bottle from them. I am impressed and will continue to use this product.


Portland, TN


Germ-X Hand Sanitizer is wonderful to use after diaper changes


I have used this every since my grandchildren were born. My daughter turned me on to it. the germ-x does not have the nasty scent some of the other sanitizer do. Your hands feel clean and not sticky after you use it. It is so nice to just pump the bottle and wash when you cannot leave the baby to washup in the bathroom. I would recommend you buy and try this for home and on the run


Farmington, IL


Germ-X Hand Sanitizer leaves my hands soft!


Germ-X Original Hand Sanitizer is a great hand sanitizer!  It does not have that alcohol smell that other hand sanitizers have.  I think it has a nice clean smell.  It also is a moisturizing hand sanitizer.  It leaves your hands feeling soft not sticky like some other hand sanitizers.  The first time I tried Germ-X Hand Sanitizer I felt like I was putting lotion on my hands.  It also includes vitamin E which is great for your skin.  Germ-X Original Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9 percent of germs.  This makes me feel confident that my hands are clean when I do not have access to soap and water.  The bottle of Germ-X Original Hand Sanitizer I bought is 3 FL OZ.  It fits perfect in a purse and is great when you are on the go!  It has an easy flip top to open the bottle.  The bottle itself is nice looking and easy to spot.  The liquid is clear and on the back is a grid design with the Germ-X lable on the front.  This was a very satisfying purchase!


Allentown, PA


Regularly using Germ-X too drying & stripping for my hands


It is afforable, comes in sizes convinient to have and carry around, and does kill 99.9% germs. But while I think using Germ-X upon occasion would be fine, those that use hand sanitizer several times everyday will likely find this product containing over 60% alcohol much too drying and stripping to their hands. Sometimes, after using Germ-X I had to get to a restroom and rinse my hands to try and alleviate the effect of the alcohol and the tight, dry feeeling. Applying hand lotion/cream immediately after use would help the palms and the backs of my hands but my nail cuticles would still dry out. When my skin began to flake I decided there had to be a better way and decided sanitizers with alcohol as the active ingredient were not for me. Needless t say, no more dry, tight and flaking hands.


Yakima, WA


Germ-X Original Hand Sanitizer

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