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Gerber NatureSelect 2nd Foods Green Beans

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My son hated them


I bought Gerber green beans for my son to eat when he was a baby. My son hated them. Every time I gave him a bite, he would just spit it back out. He would turn his head away every time I tried to fed him the green beans. I couldn't get him to open his mouth at all. I tried a few different times to feed him the green beans and it all turned out the same way, with him refusing to eat it. The smell of the Gerber green beans were disgusting also. I even tried a small bite of it and as you could have guessed, it was just as disgusting as the smell. No wonder he spit it out, they were gross. I talked to other moms about trying to fed their babies green beans. Their babies did the same thing as my son did. I usually have no problem with Gerber baby food, but I think they let the ball drop on these green beans. I would suggest maybe buying it for your baby to try. If they eat it, thats great, because they are very good for them. But if they are anything like mine, they will hate it.



A Healthy Vegetable Option for that Growing Baby.


  When our baby made it to solid foods it was time to start trying baby foods as well.  I wouldn't exactly call the **Gerber Green Beans** a "solid" food, but a big step for any baby.  We purchased several different Gerber foods to try out, and one of them was the Gerber Green Beans.  The package itself comes in a 2-pack with each container having 2.5 ounces of pureed green beans.  Each container also comes with snap on lids, so you can refrigerate what is left over if your baby hasn't made it to the stage of finishing a full package yet. These green beans don't come with any additives other than water, and they are an extremely healthy option for your baby.  There are barely any calories in this vegetable option, but it does serve to provide a nice amount of potassium to help your baby's diet.  The green beans are easy to serve to your baby, and can be eaten right out of the container.  My suggestion though, is that if you aren't going to give your baby the whole package, take some out first rather than re-dipping a used spoon into the package.  That will help them last longer (and stay fresher) in the fridge later. Our baby really took to the **Gerber Green Beans** and it has been a very welcome surprise that she really loves them.  I like green beans myself, but wasn't convinced that a baby would like a pureed version of the green beans.  You can heat up these green beans right in the package using a microwave, and they are ready to serve right away.  It's easy to serve them using a simple spoon, and this has turned out to be a great selection within the category of baby foods.  We love that our daughter really enjoys these green beans because they are healthy for her, and it's a great bonus that there aren't additives that would bring into question the nutritional value.  We highly recommend this as a selection when your baby is ready to try out some real foods.    

Spokane, WA


Gerber NatureSelect 2nd Foods Green Beans

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