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Gerber Blades
Gerber LST Knife, Fine Edge [22-06009]

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Good for limited uses


This knife is a quality knife to carry for everyday use. I typically keep a knife like this in my pocket for opening shipping boxes and packages, prying things open that require leverage, and other common needs that might arise throughout the day. I also use it for construction work for small needs that might arise throughout the day, such as shaving wood or boring holes when another tool is not readily available. For the price, it is a quality knife for the price for these kinds of uses. When used in these ways, it can hold its edge quite well. It is advertised as a hunting knife, but personally, I prefer a higher-quality knife for hunting, even if it costs more money. I would prefer a knife that has a better blade and is built a little sturdier for hunting. So overall, I would recommend this knife highly for particular uses, but it is not versatile enough to use for everything that it is advertised for.



Gerber LST Knife, Fine Edge [22-06009]

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