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Gerber Good Start Soothe Powder, 23.2 oz

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Saved us from reflux!


I can't believe this doesn't have better reviews! This formula was a life saver! My son suffered from colic and acid reflux from birth. I breastfed for about 8 months and never slept and fretted over his reflux all the time. I went dairy and soy free. We tried Zantac. Still miserable! I decide to try some formula at night hoping he'd sleep better. Within two days he'd given up me entirely and decided he only wanted this stuff, it made him feel that much better! Gerber Soothe saves my sanity!

Speedwell TN


Definitely using this on my next baby!


I used this for both my children. I am currently expecting baby number three so I will again use this formula. I never experienced any issues using this. The only thing I did not like was that the scoop was always hurried in the formula.

Norman, Ok


Great baby formula


Easy on my babies tummy compared to the gerber gentel. She hasnt had any gas problems or constipations. Only down fall is there are clumps that dont want to mix and it does leave stain marks.



I would buy this


It makes my sons tummy hurt and he's always hungry

Laurens, SC


Works well for a baby with sensitive stomach


I have been giving this product to my baby since he was 1 month old. I started using it because of his colic and gassiness. He got used to the taste pretty quickly



I'm not sure about it


Well I breastfeed my son but I'm not making enough for him so his pediatrician gave us this formula to supplement, he's seven months old and I guess he just didn't like the taste of it! If you give him it he will spit it out and cry and cry! If you give it to him when he's asleep and dream feeding he will wake up the next day really cranky with a belly ache and gas!

London Ky


Gerber Good Start Soothe Powder, 23.2 oz

3.8 6