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Gerber Giggles & Grins Lavender Baby Wash

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Gerber Grins & Giggles Lavender Baby Wash smells great


I got a lot of this baby wash from my baby showers so I didn't have to buy it on my own until my daughter was about a year old.  I was expecting it to be comparatively expensive because it is such a higher quality than the other baby washes I used.  Imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to discover it was one of the least expensive baby washes on the shelf.  I just love the way my kids smell when they come out of the tub smelling like soft lavender.  Nothing in the world compares to a soft, clean, nice-smelling baby wrapped up in a towel in your arms. Plus I don't have to worry about soap getting in their eyes because the formula is so gentle.  As an added bonus, the soap doesn't dry out their skin.  That is nice because both have the tendency to get eczema in the winter months.  The only thing I would change is to get a childproof cap.  Now that he's discovered how to open things, my son likes to dump half the bottle into the tub.

Syracuse, UT


My baby is in baby wash heaven with this product.


My precious little baby girl smiles with the cutest smile while splashing in her tub. She loves the smooth feeling and sweet scent of this Gerber Lavender Baby Wash. I love it as long as she's happy. She is sooooo sweet and deserves a sweet smelling comfortable bath.

Hilo, HI


great smell, leaves baby soft


Gerber baby wash is great. It has a great smell and it is at all stores so it's easy to find. Also it is inexpensive and it comes in all flavors. It is also made for sensitive skin. I love this product, I have been buying it since the first time I tried it on my baby, I also buy the matching lotion. Good stuff!

Iberia, MO


Gerber Giggles & Grins Lavender Baby Wash

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