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Gerber Gator Combo Axe II

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The right (two) tool(s) for the job.


The only thing wrong with most camp axe's is that they aren't saws. And that goes the other way around, to. It seem like whichever one you have, you wish you had the other. Well, Gerber has solved that little problem.The Gator Combo II has a 6" saw that stores securely inside the handle of the axe, using a magnet system. Neither tool suffers in quality or performance from the combination. Both are well designed, with comfortable, securely attached handles.Only drawback- it's a six inch saw. It gets the job done, within it's scope of intended use, but I get frustrated with such a short stroke on a saw.This camp axe/saw combo is well worth the price tag if you have ever thought,"If I only had a saw (or axe)."(You'll notice that this is the Gator II combo. If you wondered what the Gator I is, it's got a knife in the handle. To me, this is somewhat of a waste, as a knife is the first thing in my pack, and an axe is around number 37 or so.)

Marietta, GA


Gerber Gator Combo Axe II

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