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Gerber Diapers

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Gerber diapers aren't the best but can do the job


I used the Gerber diapers prefolds on my now older daughter when she got a bad diaper rash (her one and only) from having caught a bad stomach virus that was going around and which took at least a week to go away in order for her diaper rash to clear up.  They are not as absorbant as a disposable or even the better prefolds out on the market.  But I didn't know there were other options at the time, and I had originally bought them to use as burp clothes, car seat liners for after a wet grass day at the playground, etc.  However, using them with cloth pins and the vinyl pull on pants did work better than the disposables for her diaper rash, which with disposables was so red I had to take her to the doctor and get her special rash cream from the pharmacy.  I would wash them twice on hot and then rinse them twice and they did get clean.  They are very cheaply priced and I would suggest them for a baby shower gift, even if the parent doesn't cloth diaper, just because you never know when you may need a thick absorbant and portable pad when you are a mommy.



Gerber Cloth diapers= Burp cloth


I know Gerber cloth diapers are technically diapers but I'm trying to figure out if anyone who actually uses CLOTH DIAPERS uses these. I don't think so, instead I think Gerber has found it's calling as a burp cloth. These will hold enough liquid to keep even the biggest spit ups at bay but they don't hold urine... Trust me, I know, I tried when I ran out of cloth diapers when my daughter had a stomach flu. They are not absorbent so if you were going to use them as a cloth diaper I would strongly recommend stacking three together as a diaper, it's what we did. If you use them as burp clothes try tie dying them for a bit of flair but. They are a very cheap "diaper" which is great for people who really can't afford any other alternative. These also STAIN, I breast fed so luckily they remained clean because breast milk is water soluble but if you use formula I would recommend getting a really good stain treater. 

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Gerber Diapers

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