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Gerber Blades Gerber 22-48444 Paraframe I Knife, Fine Edge

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cool little knife


This is a pretty nice little knife for the money. It is definitely what I would consider a budget knife. If you are looking for a knife to pry the lid off paint cans or stab through the hood of a car I would definitely reccomend a diffrent knife for you. If you are looking for a little knife that fits nicely in your pocket for every day tasks around the house this might just be the knife for you. It is a framelock and it did not have a lot of lock stick. It also did not have any lock rock. I do not know what the blade steel is but I am pretty sure it is kind of a softer steel because I have to sharpen it all the time. I am not really disappointed because for the price you can not really expect s 30 v or some other super steel. I have never had the knife fail on me as far as the lock is concerned. I have had this knife for a couple years and it is still holding up just fine. Since the blade is stainless steel I have never had any problems with the blade rusting or the handles. The handle is also made of stainless steel. I really think this knife is a good option for someone who just needs a knife to keep in their pocket for small tasks through out the day.



Great Product!


Gerber makes some great knives, and I personally own this one and use it all the time. It is very durable and very sturdy. The blade is very sharp and thus can be used for many different things. I've used it everywhere from home to auto shop to the woods. This is a great knife for all types of jobs and conditions.



Gerber Blades Gerber 22-48444 Paraframe I Knife, Fine Edge

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