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Gerber Bathtub faucet handles

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cheap and semi reliable


 Gerber faucet handles are your basic no frills handles  but more sturdy than your average replacement handles (danco etc.) They do tend to corrode onto the stems especially in hard water environments making them something of a pain to remove. On the other hand they're sturdy enough that you can whack at them with a rubber mallet to loosen them after spraying with the universal specific (wd-40). This procedure needs to be done carefully in order not to strip the stems of course. All in all a reasonable value

Edison, NJ


Sharp, clean and best looking on the market!


One of the best and easiest to install products on the market. Very attractive and seems like it will last a lifetime! We had tried various products and this turned out to be the best for both the appearance and the cost. The instructions on the installation was easily the best we had come across. We've replace other hardware in the housing using the same or similar prodcuts. Would recommend this to anyone doing home improvement in their bathroom. One of the nicest things - and a surprise - was the rebate, which made it not only really affordable, but motivated us to shop around for other products by the manufacturer.

Phoenix, AZ


Gerber makes a great faucet handle!


Recently my husband and I have been trying to accomplish more home improvement projects on our own.  The faucet handles that came with the house we bought were old, dingy, and didn't work as well as they should have.  After doing a little research at the hardware store we found these faucet handles. As anyone should do we carefully read the directions before purchasing the product.  I didn't to buy something I didn't have the tools for and wouldn't be able to figure out how to install.  The directions were very clear and informative.  When we got home we were easily able to switch them out.  In fact we had put aside half a day to figure it all out and it only took us an hour from start to finish (going very slowly as to not make a plumbing mistake). If you are interested in a simple, elegant, and affordable product I would suggest these to anyone.  So far I haven't had any problems with them and they look just as they did the day I installed them.

Franklin, TN


so easy to install


i loved these!!!! they have worked forever and were easy to install, even for me. i had never done anything like that before, so i was impressed at how easy it was.   they are beautiful and have worked for me wonderfully. i am so amazed with this product.    

Pella, IA


Gerber Bathtub faucet handles

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