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George Foreman
George Foreman Lean Mean Toasting Machine

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Long Lasting


This toaster has been great since the day I bought it.   I have had this toaster now for 6 years and it still works great! Never had a single problem with to this day.  The slots are big enough to toast bagels.  It does have a warming tray like the foreman grill, but I yet still have to use it.  I like that is has a crumb tray so it makes cleaing a lot easier, I just pull the tray out and rinse it then just dry and slide it right back into the bottom of the toaster.  This toaster is also very easy to clean, just wipe with a dish cloth and looks new again.  This toaster has lasted me 6 years and we use it quite a bit, not so much but at least a few times a week. The wires seem to toast the food very evenly and very well.  It also doesn't take long to toast.  It has a knob on the side to select te settings, only thing is after awhile the writting on the knob fades away so i cannot really number settings anymore.

Antioch, IL


George Foreman Lean Mean Toasting Machine

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