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George Foreman
George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine with Bun Warmer

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Lean Mean Lover!


Ever since I got my very first Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine when I was eighteen, I have sung the praises of George Foreman grills to anyone willing to listen. These, to me, are one of the best inventions to ever grace the kitchen. There is simply nothing better to buy for your kitchen if you're in college or on a low budget. There were years when I used nothing but this and my coffee pot in the kitchen. Mr. Foreman obviously has a great understanding of who his customer base is, because the prices are amazingly affordable, even on a shoe string budget. And for all the money you save making your own food, it is well worth every penny. My favorite things to make on my Foreman are grilled avocado-stuffed burritos, Tilapia, hot dogs, ham and cheese melts, and chicken quesadillas. No matter what you make, a Foreman will make it quick, easy, and always evenly cooked. There is no down side to a Foreman grill, unless you have a huge family and bought the personal sized one. Everyone should have one of these in their kitchen, truly. Performance Foreman grills always heat evenly, and cook your food perfectly. Durability Never have I had a Foreman grill break on me. I have only had to buy new ones when mine was in another city. And that never bothers me, as I'm totally okay giving my patronage and money to such a great brand. Ease of Cleaning Perfect for lazy college students who hate washing pots and pans, like me! Ease of Use Anyone can use this, and look like a pro!



Great for a budget indoor press grill, but a few design issues


Ok, I get the George Foreman Grill is trying to differentiate itself from other indoor press grills, so they come up with some weird design ideas that should be really helpful, but a few on this one just don't really hit the mark. First of all, the grill is slanted which allows fat (or juices) to slip off. So to make sure the food doesn't slip off the grill, they've put these little sloped points at the open end of the grill. This blockade works great. Well, I've never seen food slip off one of these things with or without the blockade, but I really dislike them because they make clean up take way longer. (Let's be clear here, when I say way longer, I mean the difference between 30 seconds and maybe 75 seconds, but still.) The bun warmer is useless. At least to me. I've used it maybe once and then never again. Why? It worked fine. I guess I just don't make burgers and hot dogs on this thing, so there's never really a reason for the bun warmer. The unit comes with two trays to catch dripping and a weird little flat plastic 3 prong fork which is actually for cleaning the cooking surface. I might use the tray if it attached onto the device. I tried using it a few times and any movement (such as opening the device) may lead to the tray not being in line with the device and the drippings falling all over the counter top anyway. I wish it attached somehow. Instead, I've found using a folded paper towel is just fine and makes one less thing for me to clean after. The cleaning tool is pretty much useless, so I just threw it out. Again, using a damp towel or paper towel is fine for cleaning the surface after. I mostly use this for sandwiches. It's sort of a poor man's panini press. I've tried chicken and it makes it a little dry. I've also used it for burgers and that's been pretty successful, but I don't think I'd use this unless every other means of cooking a burger had been exhausted. Ease of Cleaning I would have given this 5 stars if it didn't have those annoying ridges at the opening end of it.

Castro Valley, CA


grill my food and warm the buns in one swipe!


George Foreman is truly an inovator. He continues to improve on his famous George Foreman grills. The one I just purchased is the Lean Mean Grilling machine with bun warmer. This will be my third George Foreman gerill.With my old grill. I tried warming the buns with the food and the buns were hard and even burned. Now my buns can be just right along with the foo I am grilling. And of course I love that the fat drops into the plastic tray. That is good for my heart and helps keep my cholesterol down. This grill and tray are easy to clean. And the food cooks really well. It is just as good as an outdoor grill minus the smokey flavor. And that makes food cooked on a George Forman Grill much healthier.

Roanoke, VA


George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine with Bun Warmer

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