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George Foreman
George Foreman Jumbo-Size Electric Nonstick Contact Grill

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Very large and hard to store if you don't have the space


I have both the jumbo size grill and the smaller grill with the bun warmer. I bought the jumbo-sized because the smaller champ grill just isn't big enough for more than two people. Unfortunately, this one is so large that I don't think it is worth the trouble. While using it, I've had instances where the meat has turned out dry, probably due to the fact that the majority of the fat came out. Less fat is good in some cases, but not good in others. Burgers for example, if left on too long, will turn out dry and will start to fall apart. I also find it hard to cook people's food to there liking on this, aka medium rare, well done, etc. As for cleaning, in all honesty, I think a pan used on the stove top to cook your meat or one lines with foil in the oven would be easier to clean. I absolutely hate the little cleaning tool that this grill comes with. A paper towel or dish clothe soaked in warm water and applied to the grill when still warm cleans it much better than the tool. Overall, not sure all the effort is worth it. If you have the space and can have a real outdoor grill I would get that instead. It's well worth the money, in my opinion. This thing does make great hot sandwiches though.



Great for cooking healthy


I got this grill on a Black Friday sale, and honestly, it would have been worth full price, had I paid that! I love that this grill drains off all the fat, and leaves my meat grilled and healthy. I do have to be careful that its far enough back on the counter that my younger child can't reach the fat tray and make a mess(or worse, get hurt) and the grill plates will get hot enough to burn you if you aren't careful. I found this also makes great panini sandwiches and even plain grilled cheese. Its definitely a multi-use machine- you can use it for so much more than just burgers and chicken! We've grilled steaks, veggies, even fish! The non-stick surfaces do need help with more fragile and less fatty foods- but some sprayed on olive oil keeps you from getting too much fat while keeping the surface non-stick. I highly recommend this grill to anyone trying to cook healthier- you will be amazed at what collects in the fat tray! Durability Its still working great after 4 years!

Westwego, LA


Sometimes bigger isn't always better...


...which is exactly the case with the Jumbo-size Electric Nonstick Contact Grill from George Foreman. I own both this as well as the smaller GF grill (which I also reviewed) and although this was the pricier and bigger model, with all the bells and whistles, I have a few bones to pick: - Waste of space: It is too wide to fit in most average size kitchens. Takes up way to much space on our kitchen counter, which is significantly larger than most. - Doesn't cook evenly: The meat has to be placed in such a way to ensure that the cover fits squarely over the grill, and anything on the edges will probably be less cooked than the rest - Extremely messy to clean up: For a modern appliance, I'm surprised at how much scraping I have to do to clean the grill plates after I cook. I think I have scraped off a great deal of the grill surface in doing so. Also, if you lose those nifty little fork things that come with the grill, forget about it- you'd be better off spending your time grilling single servings of meat one at a time on the smaller version of the grill. - Rubber chicken, wakka wakka: Enough said. Go with the smaller model and save money, time, and space.

Oak Park, CA


Handy indoor grill but takes up a bit of room


I love the convenience of being able to grill indoors whenever I want to with this George Foreman large sized grill. Everything that I've cooked on it has been delicious and I like that it drains the fat away from the meat leaving a healthy, lowfat entree ready to be enjoyed. I don't like how much space it takes up to store this appliance, though. It usually gets pushed to the back of a cupboard because of it's bulk and therefore I don't use it as often as I probably would otherwise. The other downfall of it is that the grilling plates are not removable for cleaning. It does come with a cleaning tool and it is non-stick which help with cleanup but I still find it annoying to not be able to run it under water. I like this grill but could easily live without it.

Union Mills, NC


Meh, whats the point


I don't much see the point to this grill. It's huge and takes up a lot of space. It cooks well enough, and lets the cooking oil drain into a little plastic dish. That's the highlight of the product, but is it really worth it? I don't think so. I cook typically, 3 different meats for my family. Chicken, fish , and ground beef/steak. Chicken and fish isn't unhealthy and the oils from fish are actually good for you, so the drain feature doesn't matter there. For ground beef burger patties, it will lessen the amount of saturaed fat in your meal by a bit, at the cost of all flavor and juiciness. It just isn't worth it unless you cook a ton of burgers, which I don't. You would never cook a steak on this. It's ok, but not necessary. Stovetop cooking is simpler, and much easier to clean IMO.

Chester, NY


The George Foreman is a great product!


The George Foreman grill is a great thing to have in your kitchen! It helps to make your grilled foods, like hamburgers, a little healthier! The jumbo size makes it great for larger families. I love how it drains the fat into a little boat like container! It makes the food less greasy. Clean up is a breeze unless you let it sit too long! It heats up pretty fast and cooks pretty fast since it has two sides heating and cooking your food! The George Foreman grill cooks your food evenly. You can cook alot of different foods on this grill. You can cook hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage, chicken, you could even put vegetables on the grill! The best thing is that you don't have to worry about your food sticking! I also love how the George Foreman grill does not take up too much room! The George Foreman grill can easily be stored in a shelf! I would totally recommend the George Foreman grill to anyone and everyone! It is one of my favorite kitchen appliances to use!

Laurel, MS


George Foreman Jumbo-Size Electric Nonstick Contact Grill

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