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George Foreman
George Foreman GRP-3 Indoor Grill

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My favorite indoor grill!


We have had this grill for several years now and it still works perfectly! We haven't had any problems with it whatsoever! The grill is very durable and sturdy! The grill cleans the meat perfectly! And I like that it reduces the fat, which makes it a little healthier! I would suggest however that if you plan to cook chicken on this, cook it with the lid up. I have noticed that when I cook chicken with the lid down, it presses out a lot of the juices which tends to really dry the chicken out! The grill is very easy to clean - the grill plates come off and are able to be washed easily in the sink. It's nice having the removable plates rather than trying to figure out a way to wash the entire grill! The grill is somewhat big and bulky and can be a bit of a pain to pull in and out of a cabinet; however, it is very easy to use and it cooks evenly! I have only ever grilled meet on this grill - hamburgers, chicken, pork chops, and steak. Next, I plan to try some grilled sandwiches!

Reading, PA


What's all the hype?


I received a George Foreman grill long after they came on the market. The infomercial wasn't all that impressive to me. I was not convinced that a bone-in chicken breast could be cooked thoroughly let alone juicy and tender. The only meat that could be cooked properly without taking a chance of salmonella poisoning is a hamburger patty. Cooking on the George Foreman I found to be messy and hard to clean. The scraper tool was made of plastic and didn't take long for the tips to melt.If you didn't position the grease catcher dish perfectly under the edge, grease would end up on the counter. I tried and George Foreman failed and ended up in the very back of cupboard.

Louisville, KY


George Foreman GRP-3 Indoor Grill

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