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George Foreman
George Foreman 12789 Indoor Grill

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Great for making paninis and grilled cheese sandwiches!


I love to make grilled cheese sandwiches and panninis in the George Foreman grill, very quick in 3 minutes you have a delicious melted grill cheese sandwich! Very easy to clean an to operate, but gets a little hot on the bottom so be careful when grabbing it from the bottom

Los Angeles, CA


This grill is one a teenager can use and feel proud!


I have a George Foreman grill that has a built in bun warmer on top. My son who is 16 years old loves to use this machine. He takes sandwiches and puts them in to melt the cheese on them. He gets very proud that he can make and use this machine. This George Foreman is very fast too. Performance I put hash browns on the George Foreman grill on Saturday mornings. These hashbrowns are frozen and they take about 2 minutes and they are hot. No more spending too much money at Mcdonalds when you have this George Foreman grill. This machine has a drip tray for the fat to roll into. Just think how much you will save on money and your waistline with this machine. Durability Hey if my teenager can use it and it hasnt broken yet; then I will say it is built very well. Kids seem to break alot of things nowadays. I have used it for absout 2 years and it has stood up to daily uses. Ease of Cleaning Just clean drip tray with soap and water. The grill itself I would use a wet cloth then I would dry the grill. That is it. Ease of Use Just plug into wall and put your food on the grill and close lid and wait. In a matter of minutes your food is ready to eat.

Milford, OH


George Foreman 12789 Indoor Grill

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