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Generic Pravastatin

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Pravastatin does the job but with side effects.


My doctor prescribed Pravachol 40mg because my cholesterol level was over 240.  The  pharmacy filled the prescription giving me the generic brand, Pravastatin. I usually get generic when I can as it is cheaper.  The Pravastatin did lower my cholesterol down to 197 after 30 days.  The only problem I have with taking a statin drug is that it causes weakness in my leg muscles.  I told the doctor about it and he ran a test to see if the drug was depleting too much enzyme in my muscles, but it came back o.k.  I am still having problems with weakness in my legs.  Not having taken the name brand statin, I wonder if I would have reacted differently with it.  I wish the drug companies would study more on the natural remedies and quit pushing harmful chemicals.  There have been so many recalls on drugs that I am afraid to take anything other than natural remedies.  Overall, I would say the product is a good one because it does what it is supposed to do and it does not effect everyone the same way with the side effects.  I will continue to take it  until I go back to my doctor and talk to him about the increase of the muscle weakness.

Mexia, AL


Generic Pravastatin

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