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General Mills
General Mills Hershey's Cookies 'n Creme Cereal

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Tasty as a snack, not so much as cereal with milk for breakfast


My family is not a huge fan of breakfast cereal in general. We prefer homemade hot breakfasts to cold cereal in the morning for breakfast. I didn't care for the flavor of this cereal eaten with milk. I received a free sample from bettycrocker.com and it was a small sample size bag. I tried a little bit with milk and did not like it that way at all. Then I just ate some plain as a snack and it tasted pretty good that way. My two young sons also enjoyed the cereal eaten just plain as a snack and they finished off the bag quite quickly after I started sharing with them. There is a lot of sugar in this cereal but it is fortified with all typical vitamins and nutrients that cold breakfast cereals have so it isn't totally unhealthy for you. (Obviously healthier in the form of cereal eaten with milk since that adds the vitamins and nutrients found in milk.) This cereal reminded me a lot of cocoa puffs cereal. Some of the pieces had more chocolate in them than others and my kids preferred the pieces with more chocolate in them.

Ann Arbor, MI


General Mills Hershey's Cookies 'n Creme Cereal

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