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General Mills
General Mills Fiber One Toaster Pastry

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Good for you and tastes great, Fiber one Toaster Pastry


General Mills brand Fiber One Toaster Pastry, finally a pop tart type pastry that you can warm in the toaster that taste great and is good for you!, I love the Fiber One toaster style pastries, they are sold in a box of 6 and are packaged 2 pastires per foil wrapped sleeve. They contain a daily value or 20%of your fiber intake. I purchased the brown sugar cinnamon kind and often see coupons for Fiber one products including this one so that makes them a great value. What I like most about them is that they are good for botht he adults and children in our house. Now the only thing I can say about the package is that since 2 come in a foil packed sleeve it is a bit decieving as the serving size is one and the calories are 180 but again for one not two. They ingridients list the first item as whole grain and that toomakes me feel good eating them as they are not only a good source of fiber but a healthier options to traditional toaster style pastries. I often will eat them for breakfast and as an afternoon snack, they have a sweet taste and curb not only my hunger but my sweet tooth too.

Fort Myers, FL


A great alternative to a muffin for a fun breakfast!


We probably enjoy more breakfast options today than the centuries of people who came before us could have dreamed of.  Prominent among these are the quick and easy things.  Nowadays, you can just pop a frozen breakfast entree into the microwave, make a bowl of "instant" hot cereal or knock back a serving of the ready-to-eat stuff and then of course there is the notorious sweet roll or muffin.  Should we become so jaded that none of that seems exciting, there is always a healthier breakfast goodie option -- ***Fiber One Toaster Pastries*** manufactured by General Mills.  These taste almost as good as sweet rolls or muffins and are almost as easy -- you just stick them in the toaster under the lightest setting for a few minutes to create a delightful, warm light breakfast.  ***Fiber One Toaster Pastries*** come in a variety of flavors; I chose Brown Sugar Cinnamon which cost about 50 cents a bar and was available from [Alice.com][1] (and most supermarkets).  My expectations were not high because I have always had mixed feelings about the odd cereal-like taste of the original toaster pastries known as "Pop-Tarts."  I must admit that ***Fiber One Toaster Pastries*** surprised me -- let's face it, they may never take the place of decadently rich sweet rolls or muffins but they are delicious nonetheless and may be better for us. **STATS:** Each ***Fiber One Toaster Pastry*** is considered to be a single serving containing 180 calories with 35 calories from fatl.  There are 4 grams Total Fat, 1 gram each Saturated and Polyunsaturated Fats, zero Trans Fat and Cholesterol, 1.5 gram Monounsaturated Fat, 130 mg. Sodium, 120 mg. Potassium, 36 grams Total Carbs, 5 grams Dietary Fiber, 3 grams Soluble Fiber, 2 grams Insoluble Fiber, 16 grams Sugars, 3 grams Protein and 4% Iron. **TASTE TIP:** I found that ***Fiber One Toaster Pastries*** and the frosting which coats them remained somewhat hard after heating, perhaps to avoid a possible sticky mess from forming in the hot toaster.  These toaster pastries are best enjoyed with careful, small bites accompanied by hot coffee or tea (or milk for a child). **MY VIEWPOINT:** I'm taking off a star because I feel that this product falls a bit short in the "cinnamon" department.  Also, if one ***Fiber One Toaster Pastry*** is supposed to be a single serving then the bars should have been individually wrapped.  As it is, for some reason the bars are wrapped in inner foil packets of **two** each which cannot be easily reclosed or secured.  If you shooting for a quick and easy breakfast option, than it can be a bit annoying to have to stop and tape something shut -- not everyone keeps a roll of [Scotch Tape][2] in the kitchen!     [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Alice-com-review-1ade [2]: http://www.viewpoints.com/3M-Scotch-Magic-Tape-review-00f40

Oak Park, IL


General Mills Fiber One Toaster Pastry

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