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General Electric Stainless Steel 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher GSD6960NSS

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Not worth the time it takes to load it!


I really thought I was getting something when I got this dishwasher, but I was very dissappointed.. It odes not clean very well and sometimes it will not drain out the dirty water. The machine is loud and inconsistance in its performance. It is like a dice game everytime you wash a load of dishes. Noise Level It is very noisy! You don't need to be close to it if you are trying to have a quiet conversation, or watching television in the same room because the dishwasher is going to drown out what you are trying to listen to. Cleaning Time It washes the dishes rather quickly, I think maybe a little too quickly and that is why the dishes aren't always as clean as I would like for them to be. It takes plenty of time on the dry cycle (like it's trying to bake on the food particles you didn't get off) and not near enough on the wash cycle. Loading Flexibility Does not hold a lot of dishes and it will not wash many large sized pans, two if you are lucky and don't have other dishes that are on the large size to go in also.. The racks cannot be rearranged so you have a medium size lower lever and the top that will hold coffee cups and some bowls. Performance Usually when it is all just right it will do a descent job of cleaning you dishes, but that does not happen everytime, more like about half of the time. Design It is just not big enough and you can not rearrange the shelves inside for varying size dishes. Durability It seems to just keep hanging on and washing even if you don't want it to I would really like to get another dishwasher, but this thing will not die.



A+ for General Electric Dishwasher


I purchased this dishwasher several yeas ago when I was upgrading my kitchen. I wanted the stainless steel dishwasher to match the General Electric Refrigerator and Stove I had purchased. I have not had any problems with the dishwasher except that it was installed incorrectly by the company that delivered it. Once we got that straightened out, we have been extremely happy with it. It is very quiet and cleans the dishes well. We are still that family that cleans the dishes prior to putting them into the dishwasher, so I guess it doesn't have to work that hard to clean the dishes for our family.

Round Rock, TX


General electric stainless steel 24 in built-in dishwasher great


I really am a busy person and dont have a lot of time to worry about washing the dishes and with the General Electric Stainless Steel Built-in Dishwasher I dont have to I leave the cleaning experience to General Electric. I have had older models in the past and have found the product to be reliable as many of my friends bought store brands and had to call repair men and find out that the problem was not covered and wound up spending a lot more money in the long run by having to fix it. when I buy a General Electric product I know I am buying a product that will do what it says it will and that it will last for many years without a problem and that makes my life easier if you dont rinse off a plate or dish before you put it in the dishwasher not to worry the stains will still come out

Bellmore, NY


General Electric Stainless Steel 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher GSD6960NSS

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