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Generac 10,000 watt Automatic Standby Generator


10/9 kW Generac Air-Cooled Stndby

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The Generac 10,000 watt Automatic Standby Generator was purchased by my husband two years back from an online shopping portal and the product was delivered within two weeks. The features of this generator were quite appealing like no manual start, no extension cords and had the capability to handle load. The product worked well for the first 10 months and when we had electricity problems, it was able to handle load of 2 refrigerators and one TV along with few lights and the fan. However, when I tried to work my AC, it wasn't able to get it started. I read the manual and it was written that it could work it but it dint start at all and instead I could smell some oil leaking from the product which scared me a lot. I contacted the technician and he replaced the engine that was causing the problem. I then used it only for the lights and refrigerators which were the main requirements. After about 6 months and then it completely shut down. It dint ON and when I contacted the technician again, he said that it would cost me a lot to get it repaired and so I decided to replace it with a new generator.



Generac 10,000 watt Automatic Standby Generator

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