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GearWrench 5PC Flex Combination Ratcheting Wrench Set, MM


This Gearwrench 5pc Flex Combination Ratcheting Wrench Set Delivers Serious Torque and Flex

Flexible, versatile and tougher than nails, this Flex Ratcheting Wrench Set delivers torque and serious grip to the tightest corners and oddest angles you can ever imagine working. Whether you’re crawling under an RV to drain a tank, swapping a gasket on the motorbike or getting in the tight spot beneath the sink to finally put an end to that leak, this set delivers a solid grip and smooth moving ratchet motion that will turn nuts and bolts with as little as 5 degrees of sweep.

Built tough, each wrench in this set exceeds ANSI, DIN and Federal Torque specs so no matter how much muscle you have to put into the job, no matter how hard it is to bust that rusty bolt free, you can count on this set to deliver time and again. And backed by a common sense lifetime warranty, this Gearwrench Wrench Set will deliver for decades. A solid design that utilizes a steel pin reinforced pivot to deliver 180 degrees of flexing torque action with very little sweep, this set is the perfect addition to your tool kit, both at home and on the road, add it to your arsenal and get flex you can count on for life

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great variety of size


I am a huge fan of the GearWrench 5 piece Flex Combination Ratcheting Wrench Set. I like to think I'm a pretty handy person and I build and tinker with a lot of different things. Because of this, a wrench set was something very useful and practical for me to get. I am glad I went with this set. This set contains five different wrenches of different sizes. They are all quite sturdy, I can turn these as hard as I can and I don't have to worry about them breaking or stripping anything. They seem the right weight to me, they're neither too heavy nor too light. They are easy to hold. I have not gotten any hand cramps from using any of these sizes. The size of the entire wrench, handle included is correlated to the size of the wrench head. They are comfortable to hold whether it is the biggest or the smallest. If you're on the market for a ratcheting wrench set, I heartily recommend these, and truly do not think you will be disappointed.



GearWrench 5PC Flex Combination Ratcheting Wrench Set, MM

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