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GearWrench 32 Piece Combination Ratcheting Wrench Set with Stubby Wrenches and Carrying Case


GearWrench Full Ratcheting Wrench Set Gives You A Range of Sizes

With a thin head shank that will let you in to almost any area and a special set of stubby wrenches that can squeeze into even tighter spots, the GearWrench 32-pc combination & stubby ratcheting wrench set, sae/mm greatly expands your ability to remove or tighten any fastener. With sizes in both metric and inches, the set has the range you want. The 12 points of contact on the ratcheting box end ensure better grip with no slip, while the open end lets you finish the job with ease.

The GearWrench full ratcheting wrench set includes 20 standard length combination wrenches and 12 stubby wrenches with shorter shafts that are great for working on any motor, from vehicle to marine. They're perfect when maneuvering around the tighter spaces in today's engine bays. Both wrench lengths need only 5 degrees of swing do to the job.

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The 32 Piece Gear Wrench Combination Ratcheting Wrench Set has been a great purchase by my husband. We always had these odds and ends pieces of all different sizes all over the house and we could never find what we needed when we needed it. This has all the possible sizes you could use all together in a handy pack that keeps them organized and together. Its easy to wrap up and keep in a small place as it doesn't take up much room. We have kept ours in the car for awhile. It has been really handy for around the house and for minor car problems we need to fix or adjust, that we can do on our own. It came at a good price and they have been good quality and durable. I think these are a must in any home that people like to do their own fixings. We have been very satisfied with ours and it has come in handy so many times. They are easy to manage and use, even for beginners, like me. I have already learned how to fix a few things with these.

Minneapolis, MN


My Dad Loves This Wrench Set!


My dad loves anything made by GearWrench so this 32 piece set of racketing wrenches was the perfect birthday gift for him. The wrenches have a nice weight to them so them seem to be made of quality material. They come in a large number of sizes so they can work with any size nut, bolt, or screw. The price was a pleasant surprise too! I have purchased a few tools in my day, and the GearWrench tools, specifically this wrench set, has been some of the most affordable products I have ever purchased. My dad uses them for a number of different projects (i.e. plumbing, construction, renovations, etc.). I know there are quality wrenches because my dad will not loan them out to anyone. He has recommended them to a few of his contractor friends. I have even considered purchasing a set for my husband. The GearWrench 32 Piece Combination Ratcheting Wrench Set with Stubby and Carrying Case is a good buy and it is very reasonably priced too.



GearWrench 32 Piece Combination Ratcheting Wrench Set with Stubby Wrenches and Carrying Case

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